K45 Stories and Jagers Ranked 1.

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I'm trying my best to give good blog post and random world news. I will try my best not to be bias. Please feel free to clarify or correct me when I am wrong about something. Feel free to join and write some stories if you wish.
As the world grows older, with nobles slowly rolling out to majority of players. We see a lot diplomacy/tribal action been taking place as leaders battle it out to gain the most territory. Time and time again, we see the usual mass recruitment tribes falling apart and leaders who are unfit to lead at all...But every world has its twist and turns.

I will primarily focus on K45 as it is my home. If you want me to do your particular K or have anything 'world news worthy' then hit me up.

Part of the rank 1 tribe I would like to give you my sight in the few things that has happened at jager in the past couple of weeks.

Ever since the world has started Jager was one of the highly anticipated tribes that would not last long in world 95. The disappearance from Infected Soul (due to real life) really brought down the morale of members of Jager. Long story short:

*Constant leadership changes

*top players abusing power for personal gain.

*Low quality players or lazy players.

*Lack of communication.


Jager vs Stress (and all its family tribes)

Stress declares war on Jager.
This was a very odd decision from the duke of Stress (Eyez). As his tribe members were barely close to any nobles yet. I personally wouldn't consider it your traditional war with war-stats and ops. But rather a fail attempt at overwhelming the jager members with numbers and trying to convince low morale players to jump ship. It almost worked though.

The reason for declaration was quite lazy but nevertheless.
Sorry, I need K45~ :D

This was sent out after the declaration by eyez to all members of jager.

eyesz Aug 07, 19:00
Join me~

Others are joining soon, we close when we're full~


We see that Jager was actually losing members left and right. We also had a few adventurous individuals trying their hand at creating new tribes as well.

With Eyez recruiting the enemy, the players of stress were not impressed and quickly jumped over to jager and other tribes. Eyez quickly offered peace 2 days later, as Stress members started to question leadership decisions.

This was probably reaction of all K45 members who heard about this.

I wanted to get some insight on eyez's decision and this was all i got.


This was taken out of Stress's forums aftermath of the 'war'.

So why did we declare war on a bunch of tribes at the same time, and then back out a couple days later? What was the purpose here?

Example of people talking nonsense and join the enemy lol, no worries guy, we won't go down because of 2~3 and some drama. Seen lot of this situation so I keep the best and stuff the dramas. Trust me, once they get over you, you will faint when it comes to late game when they decided to quit ok you threatening the way you run the tribe and quit if this is the way you run the tribe, damn. They think there's only one fishes in the ocean, joke. Enjoy guys, there is no forever duke/mates, people come and go and we can't change that but to deal with it and move on or else too much drama put all together.

Again this was a very odd 'war' and i felt it wasn't news worthy. But I found it quite interesting and questionable decision making that some leaders have in this game.

If you're from K45 feel free to add in any news from your tribe or tribal conflict thanks.

Those who are from other Ks feel free to contact me or just create your own thread. Keep this externals going everyone.


Eyesz you big donkey, does anything logical ever come out of that brain of yours :D

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Jager is one shitshow of a pre-made. Atleast Stress is a massinvite 4-family tribe cluster with a crazy leader. What does Jager have for an excuse? Having to create a family tribe just to recruit from and neutralize another family tribe, like wtf :D

I'm sitting here, selling resources and laughing my ass off.

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Also a few ex-Jager left Jager to another tribe and return to Jager afterwards, ewww. Disgusted, and doubt there is loyalty in there (I'm glad those who came and left for Jager, bye "The Dramas" :D


It seems you are mistaken. Did Jager have their issues in the beginning? Yes. Due to a duke that is a constant 2 week player in many worlds. However what came out of the chaos is about to unleashed, for Jager has righted the ship.

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I dont get the point of jager bragging over nobling pp farmers, you're actually doing them a favor by nobling them so they can get better rates on the rim o_O