K99 - New Tribe


Hello to everyone on world 40

I know this world has gone on for a long time and with almost half the world being run by Kata theres almost no chance of running a successful tribe thats going to go anywhere....
So If you are on K99, w40, bored and want to make a tribe more for spamming than serious team work and trying to play this world? Then you should join my tribe. Look for
tribe - Demons
player - Demon Lord 666

Please only contact me if you are on k99 or on a bordering continent. The tribe may not be serious at this point (I mean why take this world serious if you have only just started????) but just for the sake of team work you must be on K99 or a bordering K.

A few more rules before joining:
* Points before troops - We all know that the game ranks you as a player with your points so it must be more important right?
* Spamming is a must! - I want members that post pictures and lots of them. People like pictures more than words.
* A Dislike for w56 - I hate no farming

Na the above rules are a joke. So long as you want to spam would be good.


I am in, err all over the place

No where near K99, and I like w56

Can I join anyways ??

I have just added 3 rules to joining my tribe:

Rule #1. Points - We are so far behind in points we need to forget troops and rush to nobles to get more villages and more points
Rule #2. Get your mine levels up - No need to farm if the mines are level 30
Rule #3. Make sure you max out every building as fast as you can! - thats how the best players build there villages

well i see that you have 573 villages and most at 9.754 points mark.
Are you prepared to max out those villages to 12154?

The answer is yes.
If you would like to join my tribe you are welcome


Well the only way to be the highest in the ranks is points. So get those points up! if you want to join my tribe.
So far got me one member to join.


Mate, you will just quit again ;)

shhh :icon_redface:
Dont tell everyone that.

Now my plan is kind of ruined.

I could have made a Great point whoring tribe that everyone could noble off but you had to ruin the fun.

Demon, contact me at skype when you get time (hope_gone) or in game annabubl.

In case you wonder, it is the former "nowitsover" :p

I am surprised anyone remembers me lol this is kind of funny.


Yeah i have already sent the invite and mailed him in-game. He hasn't replied so i guess hes taking a good long think about joining my tribe and leaving the safety of his old one.

kizuato when are you joining?


all my villas are 12,154

awesome and some are above those are the ones with churches in them aye :icon_wink:

Invite sent.

I see that you have the defender of the day... Well i think you need to focus more on nobles and points. If you get 4 noblemen in each village they will figure a way to defend the village from attacks. They may find that their wand becomes a useful tool for hurting people and not just pointing.


is this serious?
because it looks interesting might join get me ingame


I want to join but I have to do it under an alias so no one will know who I am, then I come come on here boasting about how uber awesome I am, although I have nothing in the way of stats to back me up

If you are prepared to accept that and give me lots of support when I am tired and start crying then I will pick up the invite :)

hope you don't quit before we reach you


cool story bro

btw devil666 IGM me about your K99 tribe i am interested