Kash2Smash Sig Shop :)


Welcome To The Shop!

Here you can order me to make your sigs You just need to do the follolowing things:

1) Give me the picture(s) you want to add.
2) Give me the text you want to add.
3) Give me your signature dimensions (size). Make sure you tell me the size. I can make spoilers and non-spoilers.

and Bam! Your sig shall be ready within maximum 2 days. I will provide you with the link you need for the sig or you can just copy the link.

My Previous Signature Shops:
Sig Shop In W37
Sig Shop In W38

My DeviantArt: Kash2Smash

Prices: [spoil]FREE OF COST![/spoil]

Why? - Because I want to gain more experience and making signatures for other people would really help me to come back on track.

BUT, if you want some more quality stuff, like a package all together of: Tribal Sig/COA/Avi then you might have to pay PP depending on how big your work is.

Non - Spoiler:
I suggest 500 x 80 is a a nice sig size. Looks classy :) But its upto you.

Any size, vertical sig or big signatures i can work with.

COA: Normal and Animated ones.


So, go easy on me :p

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you always have to read the small print

COA: Normal and Animated ones, however, for animations there will be a price which can be paid through paypal: $3 and then depends on how many orders you place.

sean grubb

Would you be able to make me a COA please

How do you play - as the text

Can you just pick/make a cool background




Can we some past work?

I wanted to be Mr.Free Sig dude! :(

I like your sig though shouldn't the weapon/object in his hand not be coming out of the other side too?


I love new sigs for my collection ^^

Pikachu based so you pick the picture.
And the text is: Silver Wolf
Spoiler size if you please.

sean grubb

Sorry to be awkward but would you be able to do another for me with a different kind of background and without the ?

silver wolfs looks awesome


I'll take one, never made gfx before. Make it non spoiler :3