Khaos Vs -XIII-


I know you guys do these huge things about wars...but yeah, i cba, Khaos declared on -XIII-.
What the hell right?


what?? - makes little sense to me :(
Does the war have some kind of humorous title? (ex. Plunged into Khaos, or, Khaos on Friday the -XIII-)


reasons: just 'you have taken one too many of our barbs' feel the wrath of the mixed village :)


Basically Khaos got ballsy because PIRANA declared on us. And we are currently putting them in their place, they declared just 6 hours ago and while no villages have been taken as of yet, the OD stats already say something. You would think you would launch an OP when you declare war right? Well I'm on the front line and I have less than 15 incomings from Khaos. Pathetic. Here are the current OD stats from our war room.


I'm sorry for the error above. Emulous conquered the first village of the war while I was grabbing the screen shot of the stats and so I had to take a 2nd screen shot of the updated stats.

This is just the beginning Khaos. Prepare for hell.


So let me give everyone a quick break down of the NW.

-COTA-, Khaos, and PIRANA are working together to fight -XIII-.
NTA is fighting -XIII-.
SYN is fighting Khaos and ~FoR~.
BSOD is fighting Khaos.

.... I'd say it's a little world war up here. And my money is on -XIII- and SYN coming out on top here.


XIII has been waiting for this for a long time, as the declaration of war by Khaos pointed out, we've long looked down on our eastern neighbors. We did however hold a NAP with we had our fill of turtles with COTA....

Over the past few months, a growing faction in our tribe has been clamoring for war with Khaos, myself included, but we were restrained by stepgib, who thought the noobs deserved a chance to better themselves, even as they became more and more verbally abusive to us.

And now, Khaos has thrown in with PIRANA, as we knew they an anti XIII alliance.

Oh dear lord, COTA PIRANA and Khaos.....what a powerful team....whatever shall we do????


So there is life on the other side of the world?

Can't wait for end of first week stats.


Caglen there has always been life in the -XIII- corner at least. We just haven't flooded the forum with our stats. We've been fighting -COTA- for some time. We killed off the Rogue F. which turned into the SHNOBI F. after Khaos kicked Failgamer from his own tribe. We've been warring against NTA for taking in those refugees. And now are fighting Khaos and PIRANA F. also. Oh and the best part is, we're winning this gang bang.


Never know though, anything could happen. Now that Khaos aren't focusing on SYN (or thats what they were apparently doing) they will probably start losing more and more villages to them. Seeing as Pirana and SYN are at war, Pirana could step in and start taking down Khaos as well, foreseeing that Khaos will be taken down eventually by SYN and -XIII-, so they join in in an attempt to take some ground. Anything is possible. :icon_wink:


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in my opinion -XIII- are done for in the long run
4 tribes vs 1

Side 1
-DIE- (from the records only me and 2-3 other players but still...)

Side 2
13th apocalypse

no 30 million tribe can take incomings from 4 tribes of that size, i'm not sure on xiii allies, but if they want to survive this war they better call'em in.
I'm gonna enjoy this war, xiii are a tough tribe been beating down hard on -COTA-, bless em. But now they have 3 more tribes to consider, i've had incomings from a poxy tribe called S.N. only have 1 million points in total but still thats another tribe to consider.
Loco7 from XIII has been beaten pretty hard i'm not sure if thats a sat account, if so i'd get him inner nobled before more of his villages are taken

But all this is just my opinion :p
Master B ;)


First 24 hours and it's all kicking off 13-3

Side 1:
Tribes: Khaos
Side 2:
Tribes: -XIII-

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers:

Side 1: 31
Side 2: 26
Difference: 5


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3
Side 2: 13
Difference: 10


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 252,793
Side 2: 225,686
Difference: 27,107


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 28,682
Side 2: 110,847
Difference: 82,165



I was going to do it on the 3 day but sure I'll post one of the first day. 1 minutes.


Congrats Khaos for making the first move although they wont win this war since I have known for months that this war was coming and that Khaos will not be around to see the end of it. But good luck to XIII; lets see how quick you can finish Khaos