Leave your Duke!

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Sir Mike Fisher

Glad I realised it was an April Fools joke and didn't accept the invite, prove anything otherwise lol



Title War enemy Beginning of the war End of the war Statistics Victor
ROBORAM WARS ROBOTS RULE (disbanded) on 01.04. at 22:18:21 today at 07:55:57 Show statistics Your tribe
Surrender or die ! ROBOTS RULE (disbanded) on 01.04. at 19:00:12 on 01.04. at 21:37:57 Show statistics Your tribe ROBO FAILS ... lol...! have fun guys!

50 Calibre

Drats I just maxed my 4th village out with spears and was ready to launch an all out assault. Lucky for him:icon_twisted:


As a matter of fact April fool tribe got to top ten. The general concept was for some more to join so that others would start wondering what was going on. I did get alot of funny mails though and many thanks to the participants ! It was a good April fools joke anyway :)

btw on of my own tribemates was asking when I was going to attack him in our neighbouring vicinity. There is no trust whatsoever :lol: