Lets reminisce with Dudeja!

Flesh Carrot

Saunfree definitely a degenerate fag

MM hit MoM before W2V and W2V never hit OHYEAH, whereas MM is majority of the reason they failed miserably.


good for you :D W2V never had a front with OHYEAH.. its like asking ROYAL and W2V to engage in a gruelling war lol what an idiot.. LOL as for MM hitting MoM.. MoM was gangbanged from all direction. It was a full world effort in bringing them down eventually.


Don't forget MoM tried to take us out here, toe to toe from the start.

MM had a lot of good players and frankly was better than W1V or Venus, but you had leadership that wouldn't compromise even if the deal was good for the tribe's members. I negotiated for months to end w56 more inclusively. MM simply blew the chance.