List of how annoying washed players where after everyone else quit


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This list means nothing about how good players are or are not. I just thought it would fun.

1 - @kpap only started attakcing after dominance hit 70 but holy cow, so annoying. only washed player to actually send a significant ammount of fakes and fangs and he attacked an undefended flank to top ot off. took me forever to somehow make a defence a line and by far the one that took the most villages.

2 - @SuperSnake these guys are rank 1 on yeeted nukes at me. since the game was over he did not use a lot of strategy, but oh boy, turns out that you dont need strategy when you launched 20+ nukes on 20+ villages and you are alone defending. pushed me back a lot.

3 - @pizzahappy this man gets 3rd not by volume or strength of the attacks, but for the timing. he launched 160h nukes that landed right after supersnakedog onslaught. barely had any defence left and boy did it hurt.

4 - @lovegoddess not much to say, but attacked a cluster ( which i got mostly by internaling TROLLs and Condensed) that was supporting my "FL" and had his/her way with my villages.

5- @bethbuzz i don't think i actually lost any village for you ( you have 3 days to change that ) but send a couple fakes that got me worried and nuked some villages really hard oppening opportunities to supersnakedog and pizza to cap.

Thats all folks, GG well player for all of you. It was fun playing and endless defence game.


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