List of world 56 premades\next HP round


Well... the no haul world is finally coming! Patience has paid off for some and the excitation about the opening is reaching now his peek! Many players begun to organize themselves, tried some calculations but the more important part so far is probably the premades formed. I think it may be possible a record has been broken for W56 (but I never really counted all premades xD) with exactly 25 known premades planning to join! How many will? Let's hope 1/3 of them hehe! Most of them have pretty low member counts and are still recruiting! There is now less than a day before the opening and Im sure alot of them are on a rush right now to finish their planning. If you want to contribute to the thread it is always appreciate because obviously, it is too big for me to comment on everything! You are interested on knowing more about them? well...

Here they are!

Muldie's premade Tag: Mom Recruitment closed
This premade is probably the best looking premade so far to join the world. With a big member list of quality players, including some very known people such as our community manager Morthy, Muldie has managed to form a good premade called making our marks. Details about location and time they joins remains unknown publicly. Being the first official premade to be released for the world, even before it was known it would open, it probably help him got a fast and steadious interest from the community. Criterias to join [SPOIL]
Muldie325 said:
I wont be just accepting friends, anyone potentially can join if you fit the following criteria:

1: You are open minded, constantly learning and adapting.
2: You are confident and loyal, you will not abandon your tribe no matter how grim it looks.
3: You are prepared to follow orders if/when they are given. You can expect a lot of freedom in my tribe, and you may question orders, but my decision as duke will be final

The orchestra, Tag: Tutti

Being here my own premade, commenting on it should be even more biased but I'll try to give the facts. With a low member list if we compare it to muldie's one, this is in fact the second premade released on this forum for the no haul world. Since about the same time as muldie's premade, this premade is still recruiting. We are currently thinking on joining south west early rim. This tribe hopes to find between 40 and 60 players. Requierements to join: Know the basics of the tribalwars game.

The movement

Well, this tribe has very low information available I find and personally I do not see them on the top of the rankings. The theme of the tribe is well developped. However, they have been recruiting for quite some time also even if we have pretty much no information on the results of this recruitment. Based on the seriousness of their policy we could say they have the possibility to go somewhere with this tribe. Their requierements to joins are [SPOIL]
protector_6 said:
-Interview! Just because you are experienced doesn't mean you will mesh well with our leadership and group of players… an interview will help us to a certain extent if you will be able to be absorbed smoothly into our unit.
-Proof of experience. I'm sorry, but we only want those who have somewhat of an idea what they are doing. This would include, but not limited to, knowing how to send out a noble train in under one second, sniping, etc., as well as TWstats and possibly personal recommendation from a fellow player or tribe leader.
-Skype. You will need Skype.
-You need to be able to speak/type English fluently. We need everyone to be on the same page.
-Be active. This is a no haul world… but it still requires you to be fairly active.
-It's not a lot… but it's important to us.

Evanescence tag: Evan

With a lot of criticism about this known ex-premade for his name, Evanescence is coming to world 56 and has open recently their thread and their recruitment. They are looking for 10 quality players and will reach 35 to 40 members in game. Their location and date of joining remains undecided.


This premade recently created have pretty much no member list but this could change in the next days. No more information on the date of joining or the direction is available.
Nonsou said:
'Oasis is typically a tribe, trying to achieve two things; Being competetive, whilst at the same time, trying to boost numbers for some other forum, you'll probably find out, in-game'
They hope to be about 30 members right now.


It seems to me another normal premade and the member list unfortunately remains a bit short, that is why they are recruiting! The types of member they search is [SPOIL]Responsible and Decisive members. Also members who ask alot of questions and are willling to learn. Elite ones too. Someone who has a sense of humour, I like humour it makes us,us and human.[/SPOIL]. No information about the date of joining are available but we know they will go south east.


From the creators of peanut in world 51, this premade comes here to recruit and hope to reach 45-50 members in game. A lot of criticism are made and it seems it has very little interest from the community but we will see what happens with their new thread, which I think he could just have edit the old one. Location is mid-rim, not sure what that means, and date of joining remain undecided here also.

Shadow Stalkers

Comments coming soon


This tribe is for men...and the women who like balls.

Men don't cry. Hence, there is no drama.
Men are courageous. So we don't ally with everyone.
Men act alpha. So expect to us to mark our territory.

But most of all, men have balls.

Teaching tribe world 56

Comments coming out soon



Priority of this tribe is not winning the world, but fighting with honor and courage. They want to have fun, and whatever we do they want to do it with honor and Courage.

Requirement for joining
1) Active, 2) Experienced, 3) Loyal, 4) Honest, 5) Unselfish, 6) Brave


This tribe aiming for world 60 will also join world 56 as a practice world. Their member list more furnished than most of the premades already comes probably from their common interest for games. No informations are available about the date of joining and the location but since they have formed a team already, It would be easily predictable they will actually join world 56. Let's see if they will be ready for world 60 after this, or decide to stay because they like too much W56 hehe. Their requierements are: [SPOIL]- Must have Skype
- Must want to learn
- Must want to teach
- Must want to have fun
- Must be humorous
- Must have weird at least in their nature
- Must know how to handle massive diversity
- Must love everyone currently on the confirmed listings! (Especially Leo, Elec and Peachy!)
- Must also be slightly crazy (majorly crazy prefered)
- Must be borderline insane and willing to go over the edge ;)
- Must vote for good on GvE External Forums Thread!
- Must choose a game character alias!
- Must love GAMES![/SPOIL]

Comments from the leader
lenova said:
We won't be using the GAMER tags what so ever, that is an exclusive name sake for World 60 so we've gone with the Tribe name Isolation and the tag of ONS. There will be at least 15 members joining this world with others yet to state to me. I hope to have at least 25 members this world


This premade, is actually already made and besides knowing they are from W55 and are about 30-40 members, we also know they are looking for a few more.

Zombies and assassinators

Comments coming soon


Like a normal tribe, only pnp skills are required to join, we will dominate world 56... external forums! :)

Peace corps

Comments coming out soon

Avoid the nobles

Moved to W57

Slytnt's premade Unsure to join

Comments coming out soon


Comments coming out soon

Game over

Comments coming out soon.

Breach and clear tag: [B&C]

Comments coming soon

The penguin empire tag: TPE

Comments coming out soon

Some terrible disease tag: STD

Comments coming soon

N.powell's tribe

Comments coming soon

No hauls's premade

Comments coming out son.


Comments coming soon

Next HP round section

Beginning roughly at the same time as W56, a round with more normal settings will begun for the ones who likes to farm. Here is a list of premades for this world so far.

Urban entertainment

Comments coming out soon

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Hehe :) I must say I had school before ;) how unfortunate I was ;)

Any ideas where your premade joins? Or it is kept secret maybe ;)


Looks interesting. I was in Gamer, but well I don't actually care enough about the TW to be any worth to any tribe lol. But should be fun to watch to see who makes it and who doesn't the first world without farming is gonna be slightly difficult for most players but at least you don't have to worry about constant activity till later in the game.


A premade is a group of players already planning to join and form a tribe in the world before they actually play the world. By example, a leader decides to open a premade and recruit people via their skype contacts, forums or in other worlds where they play.


Pffffft sounds gay



You could of asked a mod/admin to move your thread from the premade section to here.


You could of asked a mod/admin to move your thread from the premade section to here.

Lol, I didn't even thought about that xD

Maybe yea, maybe its fun too to have the thread both in archives in premades and here also... well I'll see what the mods think.


Hmm a lot of premades, but by your list a lot are starting in a southernly direction, anybody know anybody going for north =/ ?


haha, already got some noob tribe declaring war on us!


Shadow Stalkers declared war on soviet a few weeks before the world opened


It would be interesting to see how many of these pre-mades made it onto W56 successfully. I know that at least two more that weren't on that list joined. :)


Not only did I notice him, he scared the crap out of me. He looks like he's about to eat those girls.

eta: (on topic) Thank you for explaining what a premade is... I was thinking that people had "built" accounts for sale or something. It's actually a pretty good idea to pre-plan for at least the core of a tribe, if you have a good group of people with whom you have worked well in the past or at least had fun in other worlds.
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