Looking for a account !!!


hi guys,

After Quiting on .nl for 2 monds, I'm looking for a new world on .net.
My experience is a lot:
-SpeedNoob (I was top 3 in +100 rounds)
-I'm not playing a world all deleted on .nl
-Snipe(120 ms easy),backtime 50 ms, train np
-Send masa is in 2 min sended xD

I would like more a off account then a deff account where is 5 k inc.
Not to much 5 k but I like more attacing then sniping :)

Sow I think i'm a pro player, but I get used to the world I'm playing.

And a speed is not a world :)

Sow you are intressted? Add me Dualshit. skype ;)
But don't add me if you are noob and wanne my skype :(

Sorry for bad english :(