Looking for a account !!!


hi guys,

After Quiting on .nl for 2 monds, I'm looking for a new world on .net.
My experience is a lot:
-SpeedNoob (I was top 3 in +100 rounds)
-I'm not playing a world all deleted on .nl
-Snipe(120 ms easy),backtime 50 ms, train np
-Send masa is in 2 min sended xD

I would like more a off account then a deff account where is 5 k inc.
Not to much 5 k but I like more attacing then sniping :)

Sow I think i'm a pro player, but I get used to the world I'm playing.

And a speed is not a world :)

Sow you are intressted? Add me Dualshit. skype ;)
But don't add me if you are noob and wanne my skype :(

Sorry for bad english :(



§8) Language

Tribal Wars is an English game. The use of other languages in game is forbidden. This means all profiles, mails, forum posts and any other publication must be in English.

A short phrase in another language is permitted, provided that this is translated to English either directly following or preceding it.

Creating a tribe exclusively for one nationality or language is strictly forbidden and may result in the tribe being disbanded.

Support tickets must also be created in English, otherwise we will not reply.

also, i am a seasoned w7 player and most of what you said, makes no sense whatsoever.

This world is already over, contact FxF.


Nicely copy+pasted on every worlds forum, must really want to join .net