Looking for a co-player, 23:00->07:00.


Hello guys, I've decided to search for a co-player.

I play solo and have a sitter by the tribe at night currently but the time intensity is getting a bit too much.

About the account
It's been a bumpy ride thus far and our tribe, and this account, have fought it's way through to where it is.
It is currently sitting on 15.5k points with 4 villages. I've also managed to amass 118k OD, I'm not proud of it but still here fighting. The account is now in pretty good shape.
I am currently in the tribe Wet! and we've just broken into the top 20 tribes. I am a baron of said tribe and have been in it for nearing a month. We are also rank 8 for wars. We have a fairly low member count and a respectable average points per player.
I am happy to pay for premium and have had it since the start of the world.

Sound like something you want to be involved in?

What I'm looking for
I need someone who plays from around 23:00 (negotiable) to around 07:00. Logging off earlier than that won't be ideal.
I'm looking for someone who understands the importance of farming and doesn't mind putting a big shift in with the farming.
Someone who doesn't leave attacks untagged for when I log in ;)
I don't care about your previous experience and/or skill levels. The ability to snipe t-trains, send t-trains, etc is all a bonus but am happy to teach anyone.
I want someone who communicates clearly and is well organised, Skype is a must for communication.

Feel free to ask anything you like, drop me a PM or leave your Skype address and I'll get back to you.