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Discussion in 'World 15' started by Call Me KaZe, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Apr 24, 2008
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    I'm a top 200 player in w61 and in a top 3 ranked tribe, been gong solo up till now and just can't handle it anymore. Between work and other RL Bs I can't be active enough to participate in wars and deal with incoming and launching like I should. I'm posting here because w15 was my homeworld before quitting years ago and I would like to see someone from here accept and come back to TW running an account with me.

    In w15 played under callmekaze, a member of ~SP~ until the merger with Th and AXE and I moved to Th. I quit and came back later on after willowsmagic asked to to help her out with an account that needed a player in AXE and he set there for a short while befor eRL once again took me from TW.

    If anyone is interested you can get ahold of me via PM on here or add me on skype, callmekaze
  2. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    merge with me and be a noodle :p
  3. Morningfrost

    Morningfrost Guest

    Shaddap HeavySpammer, I plan on Kaze being a Wasp ;)

    Speaking of which, when are you gonna come be a Wasp?
  4. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    :D na kaze is awesome, they come noodle :p

    :D when wasp give up and merge into noodle :D