Looking for a decent Duke.

Discussion in 'W60 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by Trojan T, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Trojan T

    Trojan T Guest

    Deleted due to Mods not doing their job and educating peeps to keep on topic.
    I'll start another each time one gets idiots spamming it.
    This topic of w60 Recruitment and Applying to tribes is for what it says on the packaging.
    Not for crap.
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  2. Asta Lapasta

    Asta Lapasta Guest

    Good luck.
  3. By all means advertise publicly for a new tribe. This said, allow me to make a recommendation. Nevermind his anger issues, his inability to listen and constant want for his way and personal insults to those who don't let him have his way like a spoilt child, I can deal with these and Im sure those leaders who are better than me can also do so. Let me tell you why he was kicked.

    He was kicked because he withdrew support from SPAM frontlines, putting our frontline guys in danger when he was in no danger himself.

    The second you did that, you were dead to SPAM and would be kicked from any respectable tribe.
  4. King Sean04

    King Sean04 Contributing Poster

    Oct 23, 2009
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    So much for a team player :lol:
  5. ashoka1

    ashoka1 Contributing Poster

    Dec 9, 2008
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    I would say mind your tongue..TT

    i have enough material to get you a permanent b** from TW..so if you dont behave yourself either in game or in forums ..consider yourself done from w60 ....

    As for your claim about a good team player..A team player is the one who thinks of team above himself..tribe is first then your own account..i dont think you will ever understand that..go noble some barbs..as thats what you love..Only this time no one will be there to save you ..
  6. You have just done one of the biggest sins, insulted my love of comics. I may be a proud "kids comics lover", but I might as well be an old man in terms of maturity compared to you. Let me show everyone (SPAM wanted to know anyways) why.

    Apologies but I will spoiler from now on as it contains expletives (I just want to capture the true extend of this guy's bad attitude).

    The problem started here:

    As seen clearly here (and through TWstats) he did not even wait for andrew (Valour) to respond and instead just started nobling villages. Moving beyond that, there was a concurrent conversation between him and sp.ag about this issue, which highlights his attitude more:

    At this time, he did infact apologize to sp.ag as stated here:

    At this time, the problem should have been over, except trojan T felt the need to make it worse. On a continuation of the original mail between him and andrewrox he said:

    In summary, when he didn't get his way when kerncraft refused to give him a village, he said he was going to noble villages in Valour's territory. He went through on his threat (as seen in TWstats) and nobled villages in K44, which was a breach of the alliance border boundaries. I got forwarded this by sp.ag which I forwarded to Trojan T:

    But he ignores what I say completely and continues to insult sp.ag and kerncraft by instead of just doing what I told him to do, tries to do some sort of warped swap:

    I then mail him about this:

    So things seem to calmed down and it is on track to get the villages given back. I forward Trojan T a new mail from sp.ag about how things are going to go down:

    Sometime during the same time, I sent him another mail:

    That is how he was kicked.


    The amount of work I do to help SPAM succeed is beyond this man's comprehension.

    I send support and keep it there. I sit the frontline every day. I plan the Ops, the support, do the diplomacy, the recruitment and sort out most of SPAM's issues. I have done this since day 1. I do this consistently to a high standard, which is part of the reason for SPAM's success. I apologise when I am on 2 hours a day helping the tribe rather than 5 or 6 because that is the extent I want SPAM to succeed. Since this conflict started, I have sent out near enough 500 personalized mails, several CMs and organized attacks, set up databases, spreadsheets, organised support etc.

    You had a chance, a chance to win this world with SPAM, one of the most, if not the most powerful, stable, active and loyal tribes here, with players who stand amongst the best in this world. You threw that away. You state you want a decent duke, but for all my flaws I can quite easily say that you will never have a better duke than the one you had. This is because anyone better than me wouldn't have recruited you in the first place.

    Tl;dr: I put up with his attitude and insolence until I could put up with it no more.
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  7. tribalhugs1

    tribalhugs1 Guest


    So much for that huh?

    Your attitude shows a diamond player for any duke to have. I'd love to have in my tribe... just to kick you all over again.

    However this part caught my eye:

    So I did an image search and got this:


    And I was like:


    But it grew on me

    Now THAT'S a cool new avatar should Dylan wish to use it.
  8. The mods are free to edit out all the expletives you used towards me and replace them with nice fuzzy words and give me an infraction, I am just trying to tell anyone who wants to recruit you the truth. As you have said you dislike insults and swearwords though, I will be reporting all of yours towards several players.
  9. Unfortunately you withdrew your support before you were dismissed. Fortunately you are only one of 35 players who sent D to the front, so it's not too big a deal to lose yours, we already got replacements coming.
  10. Chansclo

    Chansclo Guest

    Hey buddy , Want to tell me where those 100 D villas were supporting SPAM? You knowwwwwww

    Gotta welcome them in my hood.
    With nobles.
    Where sun don't shine.
    And where I'm too big to fit..
  11. The majority is web support and Trojan T contributed around 1/40th of SPAM's initial stacking Op (though more has been added by SPAM guys recently). There wouldn't be any completely clear villages.
  12. XmyriadX

    XmyriadX Guest

    Failure to notice that those are your mails to people TT? They could easily have been sent to kids. I always thought you were a decent guy but it seems you just open your mouth and squeal when things don't go your way. For the sake of a few barbs I hope it was worth spoiling this world for yourself...

  13. ashoka1

    ashoka1 Contributing Poster

    Dec 9, 2008
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    Now you mailed me on sep 8 15.57 about recalling troops from frontlines...and you were dismissed after that when i fwded this mail to council...they confirmed with others about your calling back troops...

    whom are you trying to fool...You pulled the support while you were in spam...so Dylan didnt have any alternative but to kick you out of the tribe ad feed you to valour..as acording to alliance terms there is no spam nobling in k44...you will be dead soon...

    As for you being a team player...all i can say is that lying doesnt help...

    As for our frontlines without troops or your friends telling you that they havent sent support..

    i can proudly say that i have support from more then 30 players of spam..and calm. knowz as they have nuke hitting me every 3 minute at an average ...last 10 days about 1800 nukes have hit my account...

    We may lose one battle or win..we are sure to win the war...

    But you dont have any future here in w60...

    you r located right in middle of valour and spam...

    and you will be dead no matter which tribe you join...


    As for you posting earlier that Ashoka1 is threatning you with BAn...nowhere did i use the word ban...it could have been a lot many other things...I just said you consider yourself done from w60...i think you realize that thus the panic in your posts..

    Go TT..do everything..you can..run to every corner ..but you will be dead soon...


    The thread is on topic...you are looking for a decent duke..so let us find out what was the reason that your not so decent Duke dismissed you from tribe...so a Duke better then him in w60 invites you to his tribe...

    just a suggestion only tribe which will take you is NADS...they have a decent duke..i have high regards for KPDCK..though not as good as DA..but he is a reasonable guy...

    and duncan has already said they take noobs in NADs..so you every chance of an invite from them..
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  14. Wulvy

    Wulvy Non-stop Poster

    Nov 14, 2010
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    This has been a cool story bro.... Just needs more dragons and shiz :)
  15. ashoka1

    ashoka1 Contributing Poster

    Dec 9, 2008
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    This is a game I play it like one..

    No need getting personal...I know you won't know anything about respect or self respect..you can degrade yourself further by posting more abuses..however they will only go on to show your true nature..

    I m just sad that I shared a tribe with a person like you..

    All I can say that if you r like this in real as well..your family will be mighty ashamed of you..
  16. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Guest

    While I'd normally allow some flexibility to people posting in applications to tribes (ie. letting the world know what a person is like), due to the fact that people should be accountable for their reputations, I'm locking this one due to the fact it's turned into a roast.
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