Looking for a Europian, American or Latin CO


I'm looking for an ACTIVE CO that is online from 2:00 - 15:00 ST. (Or what ever time that my co wants aslong as he/she is active!)
A Europian, American or Latin co would be perfect ^_^

Activity is a must. I dont need experience, super skills and etc. Just your activity.
Skills and experience can be learned and taught in-game.

Anyone can apply. I only require activity and only activity.
I play at W54, W55, and W56. All of the worlds I play needs a co-player, so I would really appreciate it if you could co-play me in all those 3 worlds. But co-playing me in just 1 world would also be fine with me.

Thank you
-Cim0 :)


I used to play this world on the account salwrathis and on the account Lucaya. Still need a co?