Looking for a friend for the end of the world.


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Looking for a posse to roll with and snap our fingers down alley ways beating up on some chumps.

Played since w9(but who cares that means doody) but my most recent endeavor was on world 76. You can check my stats for my two accounts(Me and my IRL childhood friend co play them both) clutchmander and A widdle kitty.

Clutchmander: http://www.twstats.com/en76/index.php?page=player&id=9913286
A Widdle Kitty: http://www.twstats.com/en76/index.php?page=player&id=1878807

If my stats dont woe you, which they probably shouldn't cause I totally could've just hid on the backline and farmed barbs or some poop, I'll give you a little bit about myself and how I play with a story....

My start up on 76 was pretty late to when the world started, and with a slow growing rim I entered(with kitty a few days after, and also a few other friends) the world with post BP players in my 20x20. One of my friends that I started the world with never played before and didnt really put in the full effort, so about a weekish in he began getting farmed by the K's top tribe, Hive. After shooting a message to the leader from kitty and I, asking to leave this new player alone so he can get a grasp of the game a bit more and how him and I were experienced players blah blah blah, we ended up getting invited(all 3) into the tribe. Also being well below average points. Within the next week we, kitty and I, helped clean up the forum and get it organized to a real "elite" looking tribe and Kitty ended up moving to the mother tribe, Hive, to be Co-duke while I became one of the leaders of Hive. Within a week. Now I know you're thinking wow who makes new kids leading the tribe within a week, we were surprised too.

Now as time went on, we became the top tribe in our area of the World, winning a few small wars here and there, some smart diplomatic merges, and re-establishing the brother sister tribe set up, which then became NOMZ(named it myself and still proud haha). And as all worlds near their end get, the top 20 tribes were most of the world. At this point NOMZ was in the top 5 BUT the difference between 1 and 2 was huge, and even bigger from 2 to 3,4,5. So although we were top 5, we wouldve gotten killed easily just by shear force. Lucky for us, I'm a diplomatic player over anything else, that's my top quality. But since I was just a council member in NOMZ while Kitty was the leader, I was basically his right hand man or his Joe Biden. So through him and his name, I was able to help round up all the top 20 tribes that weren't serving for the top tribe, Ya Bro. It became your classic TW top tribe topple, but note that Ya Bro was nearly double in points from the second tribe, Cure. This alliance idea took some time to build, because YB was so big and the covered the center K's, a lot of tribes wouldnt join right away because, obviously, it would be tough for all of us to support one another. Which they were right. Kitty and I had some work ahead of us, with help from a few top players from the other top tribes, and a bit of external forum trash talking, we laid out what to me was one of the best TW moves I've done to this day. By the time we got another forces to start making the big war a real thing, we became the 3rd top tribe and Kitty and I began to finally merge under one account. Sadly, as we knew from the beginning, I was leaving for the ship life(im a sailor) so I had to stop playing, and he trekked on. If you look, Cure won the world and Kitty's account was one of the winning players.

Even if you don't look to recruit me, it's a good story that reminds even the newest and smallest players that this isnt a game about numbers and trains, you can get really far with just a silver tongue and some kisses. Trust me;D