looking for a tribe


i have played many worlds on this game i played under the names gaga43 and absorbtion. i have quite a bit of experience and i am an extremely active player when im in a good strong active tribe that i can benifit as a player from:icon_cool: hope to play with you all i am in k11

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Uh, If you'd actually consider posting to request a tribe, you might as well include the world you play on...

Just sayin


i can't remember what worlds... could have been 7 or 10... can't remember has been almost 2 years

i apologise i played on w6 in the tribe LOBO along side Sellsword/ AKA Henchman, Terjon, Fragaholic, Space Bastiche and Absorbtion... i left w29 anyway

i lied it was w14
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Right. Next person to think it's a fun idea to start an offtopic flame-fest in the recruitment section of the forums will receive a lovely infraction. :)

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