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-ALessonInDeception ?.?

Hey im Jake and im looking for an account to Play or to become a Co. I am an experienced TW player having played on UK6 and staying to the end and being part of the winning tribe JBOX and playing most of my days on UK worlds, iv played a couple .net but nothing amazing. If you want to learn mroe about my TW experience then please add me on skype - jake.long.95 or in adition to this you can reply here as i will be watching :) I look forward to your replies :) Thanks
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-ALessonInDeception ?.?

O dam feel like a bit of a tool now :p

O well ill have a look at another world then :) Thanks for replying :)



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not a problem Jake who knows someone may be looking for a co for themselves so never give up if they are they will contact you.