Looking for an account


Hi, I am looking for an account on W4. I am an experienced player who played tribalwars on the day it came out. This is my current (only) account but since I have no life, I am looking for another one. Please PM me.


Doubt it.

24 tribe changes?? :icon_eek:

Tribalwars Player Profile: purewater31
Rank: 836.
Name: purewater31
Tribe: -BV-
Points: 250,562
Villages: 27
Average points per village: 9,280
Tribe Changes: 24
Conquers: 35 (+32-3)
Join date: 13th December 2008
Best Rank: 83928th September 2009
Most Points: 250,56228th September 2009
Most Villages: 2728th September 2009
OD Rank: 1490. (653,666 score)
OD Attack Rank: 1366. (247,303 score)
OD Defense Rank: 1264. (406,363 score)

I wont even touch This


Not even my account. I am just playing it for a friend. The reason for tribe change is because..

1st tribe- merged with 2nd tribe
2nd tribe- leader quit and tribe broke up
3rd tribe- joined then left because of external forum and crappy communication
4th tribe- Joined and merged with 3rd tribe
5th tribe- Joined because 3rd tribe got destroyed by rank 4 tribe.
6th tribe- 5th tribe getting atked by rank 1, 3, 4, 8, and 14 tribes. Leader merged.
7th tribe and up- because of merging people were getting moved around a lot since the other tribe didn't have room for all the new members

Despite this account being newb since I was focusing on keeping it alive, I am experienced and I know a lot about tribalwars.


Nope wont happen

The day it came out huh?
And what year was that when you joined


Ok thats enough. You start threads in early worlds looking for an account , the only stats you can show is of a pathetic account that looks like it likes barbs and eating inactives. Since World 1 started in May 2006 - I wonder how the heck you could of started in dec 2003. Or was there an Alpha version running around I dont know about.

Give up if you are an experienced player, which I seriously doubt, you would probably have a forum account older than the one you are using atm. I dont mind players that are keen to get into older worlds - but lying about your abilities and your experience will only get you blocked or shunned.

As stated previously in another thread - stop harrassing the older worlds with your posts and make an enquiry in the general section. A lot of players do quit older worlds, but I hope like hell you never get into W4 - unless you join ZIV FW that is. . . .


Day it came out huh? .... lol

Read this and tell me the end of 2003

It all began as a hobby project

The first steps reach back to early 2003. In the beginning of the year the development for the browser game Tribal Wars started. The big motivation was to create a game that the creators would themselves enjoy as players.

The hobby project quickly began to take off and grew much faster than ever expected. The game officially launched in June 2003 and by the beginning of 2004, the numbers had grown to a few thousand players. A second game world was quickly opened to keep up with the demand. While the game was constantly developing, it continued to grow and reached around 50,000 players by fall 2005.

Yeah thats far from late 2003

Here is a idea wake up from your dream land and find some proof to back up your day one statement or get the heck out of here cause aint nobody buying it


Okay... So I didn't start on the first day. SP@RKY if the kind of villages I noble doesn't noble meet your standards, it fine with me because I don't care about what you think. BTW I have always thought that Tribalwars started in 1939 since thats when a player called Hitler1337 started going crazy and nobling everyone around him.

PS: I like my dreamland