Looking for an account.

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My experience is that i that i started on this world but didn't really know what i was doing so barely got anywhere. But i played on many worlds from world 3 to w21 all at once.

I was know as Richdude460 on the world and was in PDM (yes that long ago :p)

I'm not sure what friends still play there as its been a while but i would love to be able to play and talk with them again.

I quit because of my dad. He grounded me for 3 weeks simply because it would take 2 for me to go barb. I got grounded because i lost my backpack and we had to pay for the books. (i didn't lose it it was stolen. that was made obvious about 2 months later)

Now im willing to join any tribe at any size. prefferably with at least 5 or 6 villages so i can grow a bit but someone who has just been rimmed is fine by me.

I think that i should get an account because im an active player and because im a sweet and loving guy? :p

If anyone has any questions just post them here.