Looking for an account.


Hello guys and gals :icon_wink: I'm looking for a top 100 account... Yes I do realise the world is still open for the joining but it is a tad late in my opinion! I can backtime/snipe run 100ms trains etc etc. Yes I do have skype - (exclusive.insanity) I have other offers for me but I really like this world. Please don't pm me. Just skype I rarely check back into the forums :icon_razz:

My experience

I led a tribe on w11 called THB. We got to 65m or so and I gave up. We were at war with RASP and -WE-. At this point in the war we were losing. Due to clusters being spread out etc.
My next world was w23 I was cads ap dragon and got to around 4.5m and quit do to real. I played w31 on the accused for about... 1 year or so. Didn't get high in points only about 2m. I am now on 57 playing it seriously. But there isn't much to do on it really considering it's more of a log in use your farm script build etc.. leave. :p Thats about all I can say... or remember ;)

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