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Dear players!

I like to play a game called: tribalwars.
I play at a Dutch server in the World 5 on account: Libel2.
Now 15.450.814, rank 91 of the world.

Points will not say anything.. (I think you know it)
I got rank 3 in ODD, you call it Opponents defeated as defender. (239,14 Mio.)
I got rank 33 in ODA, you call it Opponents defeated as attacker. (total 80,81 Mio.)
Total opponents defeated: 319,95 Mio. (Rank 5 of our world).
It's quite good for our world in the Netherlands..

But I will go international.. Why?
- I will improve my English.
- I think, I got experiences, but I'm wondering what the level from the international server is.
- I like this game and I will support someone.
- I think I'm a team player and I will help in a tribe, completely new for me.

I'm looking for an account:
- at least 8 million points..
- on the account will be a leading player (I got experions, but I need any introduction)

Why I choose this world, world 31?
I think it looks like a world like World 5 in the Netherlands.
I like the number of points, and it will be more and more..
I like to building up an account, but not from the beginning.

A remark:
I can't pay for this world and this game, I need also a leading player who will be prepared for buying premium points -called in the Netherlands-.

I hope I will get some deals, but I hope you don't forgot my requirements!
After some deals I will give some persons my email address and my msn.
More information, send my a message!

Greetings from the Netherlands, Tiemen - Libel2

Ps. Sometimes I can't write everything good, I will improve it.


so wait let me get this straight... you want to join a world thats near the end... and say you will help in a tribe, which is completely new for you... yeah that wouldnt be a red flag at all

no offense dude... but better luck on other worlds


At this point in the game, you are not going to get an account on this world that is worth a damn anyways. FREE and FURIE have closed their doors.


So your requirements are that you be the leading player and they pay the PP for the privilege of you playing their account.

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