Looking for co-player


I am looking for co-player to play my account. Already have a smaller account on this world.

Some experience would be good, activity though is key and you must have moderate grasp of English.

Preferred activity time : 03:00 - 07:00 server

If you aren't in that time slot but very active at other times, we may still work something out.

I have played this game for a while and have achieved some success.
I have also a good amount of experience in training new players.

PM me here with your previous experience to apply.

Arjul akram

pm u my previous experience is i played in this world and had 120000 points and then became busy so distributed my villages among my tribe mates but now i a m back


Well dude your account still exists on this world. We can talk once it no longer does.


wow i got 1 just quit if u cant play

get up go to work and try not to think about tw :)