Looking to co play!!


Looking for an account that is in a serious tribe with a player being serious about this world. Someone who knows how to play strategically, someone that can execute attack plans well and can defend just as good. Don't want to be sorting out a mess for hours when its my time on the account!

oh and i don't want a selfish player to play with!.

What can i bring to the tribe?.

Well activity to the account and other accounts that need sitters. Don't mind sitting other players and playing it like it is my account, if it needs a sitter for a full week well challenge accepted.

What can i bring to the account that i would co play?.

Stability of the account.
Lots of new villages.
Smart play.
Lots of fun too!

If you think i am the right player for you, feel free to post below or pm me with what account you can offer and we will go from there.