Looking to return to TW21


Hi guys :)

Most of you wont remember me but those of you from ~IMP~ may do. I took a break from TW about a year ago, but now I am active again and looking to rejoin playing for the last few days of TW21. I used to play in TW21 before I took my break, but obviously I have missed out on quite a lot.

If anybody would like to fill me in on the main events it would be greatly appreciated, and if anybody has an inactive account I could play with I would also be very thankful. If not I am still active on the forums, however many former ~IMP~ friends have not replied to my private messages, so therefore I am posting on here so that everybody is aware of my new circumstances.

Hope some of you remember me! :)


World 21 Ending October 25th

There's one of the "main events" you might have missed...the reason many of your former IMP friends haven't responded is probably because they've all buggered off.