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just spitballing an idea here & some version of this has probably been pitched before in better detail,

But would it be possible to develop a second Loot Assistant, a "pro" edition, if you will, obviously would cost more PP per month (maybe like 100pp?) but would offer some important features that currently need to be done manually and thus are rather time consuming.

So first and foremost, I would love the ability to have 4 templates in Loot Assistant instead of just two (I'm ignoring C for now; may have to rename it :p). Now this would allow players to not only have their standard Light Cavalry A & B settings, but they could concurrently have Heavy Cavalry A & B settings without having to go change it in between farming runs. Personally I don't like to limit myself to a single template for O or D vils; especially in the early stages of the game & have the additional 2 templates would eliminate this limitation.

Secondly, I'd love the ability to add cats & rams to the templates to make shaping easier. Currently there are very few working shaping scripts & manually shaping takes a lot of time to do properly. I also think its an extremely important part of the game that a lot of players are too lazy too do & thus it's often ignored, causing unnecessary losses for those less familiar with wall settings. If it was possible to add rams & cats to our templates shaping would become a breeze. Essentially I'd like the ability to make the LA templates like you can make the troop templates in the rally point.

Anyhow - I know the game is always looking for new innovative ideas to make the game easier for both new & experienced players and I just thought this might be something easy to develop that would make the game easier for everyone & provide an additional stream of revenue for TW.


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Somewhat good of an idea, tho takes the skill a little away from TW if you make shaping easier.

Make sure its posted in the Suggestions are to get a 100% confirmation it'll be looked at, feel free to send it as a support ticket to get a good chance of potentially being discussed :)


There were at least 5 templates A-E, when Loot Assistant was first introduced. It was Farm Assistant then.

Trimming down to 2 templates, plus a third, C, did the trick. TW players soon found the Assistant a necessity.

Feels like the reintroduction of 2 more templates, maybe called Y and Z, could give a lot of players more elbow room.

Can't go for the inclusion of cats and rams, though. Could demystify walls, rams, and cats...