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As I'm watching Salah level Rome in a day, I thought why not be useful and post here to see if any past teammates are playing and have space in their tribes.


I've locked myself out of my old accounts - NotNukeProof and Beautiful Disaster (Not Joa)

Bed-ridden male, 24. Seeking companionship in this lonely world.

Spear nukes
Unaccompanied noblemen
Rummaging through bins
Peering into stranger's windows

French Dressing
Mandatory check-ins at the local police station

If you have similar tastes or if you are wildly different, please get in touch and maybe through the crack in the pavement that we call society a friendship could blossom and possibly something more.


Non-stop Poster
I was 6 foot tall but had a tragic accident.

I got into a fight with a dwarf who wanted to level the playing field. He proceeded to hack my leg off from the knee with a spork. The memory haunts me to this day.