Rejected Make Forum Moderator Priv optional for Baron

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Minimizing forum mod privs to the smallest number of players possible makes it easier to avoid someone not usually doing forum mod to accidently delete without archiving vital forum posts. Rather than including forum mod to the group of privs for Barons while still allowing it to be added for those who actually need it would help in fewer forums and posts disappearing unexpectedly.


Tribal Wars Team
Community Management
This idea is approved for voting. Good luck!

From a personal point of view, I think you have bigger issues in the tribe if you can't trust a baron with forum mod privs... so I wouldn't consider it likely that we will change this system.


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The problem that brought this to our attention was the disappearance of forum posts in shared forums with several tribes.

Also consider that new leadership members may not realize that if they "archive" a thread in the forum that it actually disappears from that forum. For many of us the word archive in many technology settings does not mean to remove and store elsewhere but has become synonymous with the world backup.