Submitted Make the Construction page "Village" label clickable so it automatically selects all villages


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So when you click the "Village" label, it automatically checks all checkboxes, same functionality as it exists on the Troops AM page.

This is a minor quality of life improvements which does not take more then 2 minutes to implement IMO.

Actually, it is weird how this hasn't been implemented during all this time.

If there is some sort of technical difficulty to implement and make that element clickable so it automatically selects all villages shown (which I don't see how it can be when the only thing need is for the checkbox to have an id and for the element to be inside a label and the label to have a for attribute which connects it with the checkbox based on the checkbox id ... but say there is some difficulty or technical reason why it's not been implemented like that then this can be done:


Which is what's shown on the Troops page on AM.


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I'm not going to make this votable. Imho there should simply be consistency between the UI elements on different pages. I'll therefore simply forward this internally.

Thanks for pointing it out.