Fixed Mass Support Bug - Doesn't Sort in Descending Order


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Minor Bug (doesn't really affect gameplay)
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Functional bug
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Try clicking the unit icons on the Mass Support page to sort in descending order
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Happens always
When using the Mass Support feature, the units do not sort by ascending or decreasing order.

For example, when I enter the Mass Support feature, the URL is off the form:

If I pick a unit, say archer, the URL becomes:
and the villages are sorted in ascending number of troops.

The issue comes where further clicks on the unit should change the order to list villages in descending number of troops, similar to the Combined overview behaviour.

From what I can tell this is just a matter of appending "&dir=1" to the URL for ascending order and "&dir=0" for descending order. Just annoying that the game behaviour doesn't default to that.


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Hi @Scorpianhead

This issue was supposed to be resolved on April 14th. I am unable to reproduce this issue at this point and seems to work fine for me.
Can you please confirm this issue is still happening and on which browser/device/app version?