Maybe Kata would like to explain

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Well....I expect a lot of flaming, but I am curious why someone is claiming to be one of your players. If this is indeed is quite pathetic. I don't think the leadership would endorse this, but I suspect you will want to demonstrate to your players that this is not acceptable, if there is an inkling of this being true.

A Perfect Circle today at 16:10
your attacking me? why???

A Perfect Circle today at 16:13
hello??? who is this and why have you sent nukes to my account??

TheTrueOne today at 16:16
who is this?

A Perfect Circle today at 16:18
true if thats you and you have come back, then why are you attacking me?

TheTrueOne today at 16:20
Walkercreek rng a bell...?

A Perfect Circle today at 16:20
yes, and your point? if this is walker..

TheTrueOne today at 16:21
lol...going down now!

A Perfect Circle today at 16:22
im reporting you now, and no, I aint going down

TheTrueOne today at 16:22
what can they do?

TheTrueOne today at 16:23
I have the sit!!!!
No hacker here!!!

A Perfect Circle today at 16:24
attacking from two accounts is against the rules, to late Ive sent this mail. bu bye

TheTrueOne today at 16:24
lol...Lets see what happens....!
Goodluck with that!

A Perfect Circle today at 16:25
still doesnt matter your still going down, I expected a good fight from you and found you to be easy prey.

TheTrueOne today at 16:26
Bring it on...think you beat Kata?

A Perfect Circle today at 16:27
yes I do, Ive kicked arse so far havent I? and now your going to be banned easy pickings now as your allies wont have you to support them. this was very foolish of you. Whats wrong was I beating you so much that you needed to do soem underhanded crap to try to get ground?

TheTrueOne today at 16:29
What....beating me...things will change shortly!

A Perfect Circle today at 16:29
we'll see. your getting banned remember.

TheTrueOne today at 16:29
Don't think so....cracked the game my friend!

A Perfect Circle today at 16:30
that is also against the rules. so yes you will be banned.


Hi Davoschia - thanks for posting this.

I believe he's talking about Walkercreek? The typing and the style really don't fit Walkercreeks style, he's actually very quiet and when he does type its usually done quite well without many mistakes.

This to me sounds like some kid whose trying to play some kind of joke, but who knows, I guess we'll find out if he gets banned or not,



Definitely reported...just that it surprised me with what was said. We have also messaged him through skype to verify the original account owner, as he used skype quite a bit...and it doesn't fit his style nor temperment.

A Perfect Circle

I called his house as well, this was not the orginal account owner that is for sure.


Threads discussing breaking rules aren't really allowed. And while I hate to keep closing threads like this, i kinda have to. Things like this should be sent in a support ticket.
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