Meowwwww - Hows W5?


Thought i would pop in here and say Hi how is W5 doing? I see many changes and many things still the same. A good friend dragged me out of the shadow and talked me into playing again.


you have an account in world 5 again? good to see players who started in world 5 returning.


No, he's playing other worlds but with another account most likely.

Or are you still using this one?

ben is great

aha KAT heya :p

Good memories ;)

Hows Bex doing ?

Also guyzzzz you'll never guess!!!, but i have a job :p woooo

I have bought the things i want, life is just so great :) getting an Xbox soon if any of you wanna play ;)

And well the love life side of things aint that good, but everything else is :D


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Hi kat,

Long time no see, eh?
You are not the only one that is going to play again :)
But I am suprised to see this much activity here :p

ben is great

i can hardly see that happening lol, but i have decided to get the motorbike for the moment and postpone getting the xbox for a couple of months :D


No posts on the world 5 forum for 5 days?

I proclaim this forum dead.
I will come back for a moment and tell you all (well not ALL, the non-smelly ones only) to come with me to w49/50 :icon_redface:

This place is dead, it's time to face it :p