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Hello there, most of you have no idea who i am>

a tiny amount of digging, and you can find my resume here in these forums. They used to call me The Mouth of the South. They used to call me a lot of other names i cannot repeat here. Hahaha. Anyways, onto the point of this thread.

What i am seeking: a position, near a front line, with quite a bit of excitement. Must be a part time co player position, and must fit into my window of availability. I expect the account to be in solid shape at the least, with a well organized grouping, proper training regimens, and showing the main player is not a buffoon. I also like to read forums. Privileges preferred, but not absolutely necessary.

Who i am: A soldier with previous Emperor status. i will follow all rules and regulations of the account's tribe, will follow loyalty to the main player first, tribe second. (or vice versa should that be the arrangement prior to my obtaining the position) Will keep all secrets, and never betray the account/tribe i sign/agree with. Availability is limited, but my ingame skills are not. I am an expert tactician, able to foresee moves months out on the tw map. I have played the long con many times, waiting months and even years for fruition. I have been known to plan long term, such as the full length of a 5 year world.

If i cannot have access to a front line account part time, i am willing to play a backline account and then sit front line accounts. I have numerous skills when it comes to close quarters combat, tho i will probably need a little practice to remember it all.

Who you are: preferably an honorable group of pirates. Battle hardened, always looking for war, and striving to be number one. i prefer not to play dirty, but that depends on whether or not i like the group i am playing with. i have been told i would enjoy the diplomacy in kd 44, and that things there would be more my speed or desire. i expect to interview for the position, and i expect you to interview for the position of my employer. I would also prefer to work for a group of influential tw vets. i need to expand my contacts again.

I reserve the right to walk away at any time, tho i am pretty sure i can give at least two weeks notice. Please mail me ingame w100, and we shall proceed from there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Duke of Phoenx,
Everlasting Emperor of W30