Mihaips guide to premium.


Once W30 is underway, use of the churches will be much more intricate. But as many have said earlier I can't wait for the 5.0 premium to be up on here.


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Nakoro today at 21:46
I know that many of you have premium accounts, but i also know that almost all of you don't know how to use it's advantages to the maximum. This topic will teach the ones that have a premium how to really use it. If you don't have a premium, stop reading this now.

I will start from the settings. Here is how my settings look like:

Notice that i changed the Window width number. What does this do? Well, if you have a village which name is a long one, the name of that village will be put on 2 rows when you look at the overview of the village. Something like this:

This isn't nice, and that is why you must put a higher value in there - i use 970 for example. It looks like this now: (it also stretches the entire window of the game, and so it's almost the same as my quick menu bar)

Secondly, notice that i marked the option to show the quick menu bar. This is very important, because you can put a lot of useful links in it. Here is how mine looks like:

I think you can figure out what each link does:
Forum w6 - you go directly to the forum of this world.
The ones that come are from the original quick bar, they are only edited because they use a lot of space, and you don't use them that much.
Recruit - this one does the same thing as the recruit button in the village overview.
Mint - you go directly do the gold coins menu to mint them.
tw-plus - this is the link of tw-plus(currently it's freezed, but i hope they reopen it soon)
tw-stats w6 - link to tw-stats on this world.
tw-stats - link to the main page of tw-stats.
tw-map - this is the ultimate map link. You have a lot of features that you can use there (like, you can see which player didn't took villages)
Stats me - this is a link to my own page in tw-stats.

At the end of this topic, there are all the links that you need to use so that you will make your quick bar the same way.

Moving along: i have marked the show dynamic menu bar. Personally i like this better than how it would look like without this option clicked, so i use it like that.

Map size: This a very nice feature on a premium. You can make the map bigger. I use the max one, i like to see what's around me. Later on, i will get into details with the map.

Last login: i want to see this when i login, because i want to make sure that nobody but me logs in my account. If you see another IP than your own, change your password right away.

Ignore attacks: i have this one marked as well. I used to get a lot of attacks from n00bs when i was 1st in the world. The attacks where from 200+ hours away, and they only consisted of a couple of spears or something like this. With this option, you can go and hide the attack, it's just like you aren't under attack.
To ignore an attack, you go in the village which is under attack, you click on the rally point and there you know what to do.

I use a graphic package, but the pictures in this guide will be made without one. HERE are the graphic packages that you can use. I am using the settlers one:
Just copy paste those 2 links into your settings, like this:

To go back to the original view, just empty those 2 boxes, and hit the ok button.

Now, moving on the same menu bar, you have the reports department. You can use filters in the reports, so that you get only the reports that you want. Here is how mine looks like:

Notice that i have marked a lot of options at the market. It's because i use it a lot, and i don't want to get a report showing that the x player merchants have arrived and they brought me x resources. The other options that i have marked just help me, by not getting useless reports.
You can create groups here too, and you can save reports this way. Just click on create groups from the far right of the group menu, and from there it's easy:


After this, we have the mail department. In here, You have an address book and also you can make groups. It's very easy to make a group when you are in the mail menu:

You have 2 ways to put a mail in that group:
When you are in that mail:

And when you are in the overview of the mail, you can put multiple mails in a group at the same time:

By doing this, you save that mail, and it will not be dragged down when you receive other mails.

The notebook option - in here you can put the claims that you have for example, or you can put reminders for yourself. It's very useful if you use it.

Friends - you can add players in this section, and check the menu to see if they are online. DO NOT ADD PLAYERS OUTSIDE [ally]KoD[/ally] IN WHICH YOU DON'T HAVE COMPLETE TRUST!!!

Now, moving along i reach the thing that is the most important one: the groups for the villages.

Before the groups, when you click on every menu from the overview button near your village name, make sure you have the maximum number allowed put in that little box at the end of the page: (200 is maximum)

It's easier to have a single page with your villages. Make sure you do this on every kind of overview (combined, production, and so on).

Now, here is how my groups look like:

Here is the explanation for each group:
Attack - all villages that are offensive ones.
Attack_unm - villages that are offensive without a maxed out farm. (unm comes from unmaxed farm)
Defense - all defensive villages.
Defense_unm - all defensive villages without a maxed out farm.
Gold coins - all villages that have a maxed out farm, and are fully built.
The K groups - villages from the respective K's.
Nobles - villages that have nobles.
Scouts - villages that are scouting ones.
Under_construction - villages that aren't fully built.
_Demolish_attack - attacking villages that need demolishing.
_Demolish_defense - defensive villages that need demolishing.

Now, here is how a village lives with the groups. When i get a village, i decide what kind it will be, based on location, it's built and other stuff. So, i mark the Attack and Attack_unm group (i pick attack randomly). Secondly, i mark the continent in which the village is. Then, i mark the Under_construction group if i need to make any kind of buildings in it. Lastly, i mark the Demolish_attack, if i need to demolish something in it (i do have to do this almost all the time). Now, you can put other groups in it, like nobles if you plan on using nobles in the village. With time that passes, you will finish building it, and you can deselect the Under_construction group. You will finish demolishing it and you deselect that group too. Once the farm is maxed out, you will deselect the Attack_unm and mark the Gold coins group. From now on, that village will only make gold coins, until something happens and either you lost your attacking troops, or you are under attack. At that point, you remake this whole thing all over again.
To add groups to a village, click on the edit button just under group association in the overview of a village:

A pop up appears, and you just click on the groups that you want, then hit the save groups button:

Using this system of groups will minimize the time you spent on this game, except of course when you need to make coordinated attacks.

Here is how you make the groups:
You go to Groups from your overview, the you click on the groups button in the left side of the screen:

A pop up appears, and there you create new groups or edit existing ones:

I know that adding all of your villages into groups like these ones will take you a LOT of time, but trust me, it's worth it after you do it.

Tip on demolishing buildings:
When you are in the right group (demolish_attack or demolish_defense), you just go into the demolish menu. Now, a lot don't know this: when you are demolishing a village, you can only add 5 demolishing commands at once. You don't need to press once, and wait for the command to show in the building queue, you can press the mouse 5 times real quick on the building that you want to demolish, and after 2 seconds (depending on the internet connection), 5 demolishing commands will appear. After you made 5 quick clicks, you don't have to wait for the page to load. You can speed it up, and press the next village:

You can easily demolish villages like this, and with the groups of demolish.


Returning to the map:
When you look at the map, you have 2 buttons just below it:

In the first one, you have the players that you have marked with different colors.

To mark a player with a different color, just click on the player you want, and press highlight on map.

You will go into a menu where you select the color for that player's villages. You can edit a group, and show multiple players with another color.

The second button that you can use, is the pop up menu. I like to mark all options, except the last one (it occupies to much on the map, and i don't want to see all that it gives):

Here are the links of the quick menu bar:
Forum w6:
You just add them like this:




Tw-stats w6:



Stats me:
The second link is a personalized one. Go to twstats on w6, put your name in there, click search, then click on your name. You can copy paste the link that shows up in your browser, and use it as the second link.

Here you go, a complete guide on how to effectively use a premium account.
If you can't do something from this guide post here. Also, i can make these things to anyone who requests (except putting the villages in groups - i let you do the real work)


Not bad but I thought it would be a little bit better. Still gonna grab a couple things though :)


I'm going to give it a go as soon as I can, Hopefully this week.


Not a bad guide overall, but must admit that I was slightly disappointed by the fact that I've been doing all of those things since before this world even started and that there wasn't anything I hadn't already thought of.

Mind you, now that scripts can be used, there is a great deal more that could be said (even quite a few scripts that non-premium can use).


Not a bad guide overall, but must admit that I was slightly disappointed by the fact that I've been doing all of those things since before this world even started and that there wasn't anything I hadn't already thought of.

Mind you, now that scripts can be used, there is a great deal more that could be said (even quite a few scripts that non-premium can use).

can u tell the non-premium scripts plzzzzzz:icon_eek:


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Hmmm . . . I wonder if anyone's made an undersea graphical package yet.