Modding browsers and Scripts for Trains and Sniping.


In the past when someone tweaked there browser to send faster trains it was frowned apon. But with the rule changes and the server generated gaps in noble trains I wanted to know if there is a way to snipe trains using a script / modding your browser.

EG: Some people change the settings in there browser to only send the packet to the TW server every 1 minute. They create there noble train and click ok on the attack command.. When the minute comes all 4 packets (1 per attack) are sent to the server. This would allow someone to create a 4ms train. (Seen it with my own eyes)

Now with the rule changes the server puts a 50ms gap between them and BAM, you have a nice train.

Now what about the guys defending? Is 200ms anough for the average player to slot in defense? I doubt it seeing all the guys I have nobled so far have not been able to snipe the trains I sent and they were only 300 - 400ms.
Is there a way to do the same as above but for defense?
All the scripts iv come across are more for the attacking side of TW and not many for defense.

So my questions are:

1. Is there a easier way to snipe trains?
2. Is there a script/Mod to help with sniping trains that have been sent in example 1?
3. Would this be legal?


No legal scripts to snipe as far as i'm aware

I use an excel sheet..More Villages you have, easier it is to snipe even 150 ms noble train if you have enough time to coordinate it...


I do it with the manual calc to.
I can hit a 150ms train.

But it just seems a bit one sided. Attacker gets the advantage. So I was wondering what people were doing for the person getting attacked.

I would not even know where to start to even try make a script for sniping a train. :lol: