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While you have no assigned moderator, I will be watching you.

Shouldn't be long before you get a new one but you've got to shout at Jirki, not me, if you want it faster

That is all.


I don't think you'll find it too hard, everyone's gone to sleep in here :)


I would apply so you do not have to bother, but I am not in the mood, I applied for Blogging and did not get it :(


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Oh hey look you got Darkaniken2 to come look after you.

Please give him a warm welcome and behave or I will kill you


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*lurk lurk lurk*

I think I'm gonna start lurking on this world just to see how this turns out. :lol: I wish the inhabitants of w43 good luck... You'll need it.

Pudgy Panda

You guys got a real nice mod here :icon_wink:
Congrats again on the promotion Ani

The Lewder

As long as you're all nice to him, he'll be nice back and give you lots of nice stuff and the like. If you're mean and stupid, he'll probably burn you. You guys are still lucky though.

I think you'd still rather me as a mod :D