Modern Day MacArthur


Some people are either loved or hated and there is no middle ground. There is one such person that played this world you all know who I speak of miwok, anphinex what ever you wanted to call him.

So I would like to bury this issue but to do so lets bring it up one more time and even bring some life back too the forums……

write here your final opinion on miwok, your view of him and why. Please don’t flame give your views and honest views what ever they may be.


What is the purpose of this thread? To demean others? I am confused, closed till I get a clear reply from heathcliffy.

Thanks guys.


Miwok was a great person though jumped ship alot he was a mighty fighter and supported his friends alot.

Hid diplomacy wasn that good too but well every person has his flaws ;)


Me and Miwok had our moments, i hated then loved him then hated him again.

but all in all i do like the guy,did a heck of a lot for UNDER even if others didn't approve and was extremely resilient.
He never left in the face of a fight and took on more than most people i have seen in order to help one side achieve.

Stay out of leadership though it corrupts people! ;)

GL Mate ^_^


Miwok was a smelly 3 nipples Ali lover chimp :D but that's all he ever was...


Miwok is like brother to me :icon_biggrin: I still remember one i first recruited him into Bells and had him coplay the anphinex account. He tries his best at whatever he does. I love this guy. :icon_redface: His main flaw though i guess is the way he sometimes lets the situations manipulate him. Cya soon bro will get on skype soon :icon_wink:


I never had a chance to know miwok or anphinex back then when he was playing in w44
hopefully i be given a chance to play side by side with him in the near future :icon_rolleyes:


his greatest mistake(s) stem from being too rash , dedicated player, but jumps the gun and do's rash actions, that are regretted afterwards.