Moral when 2 nobeltrain crashes.


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if i have 100k points
If a nobeltrain was sent to a Barb with 100% moral.
If someone else with 4k points nobels it before me, BUT after i sent my train.

Will this effect the the moral when it lands?

And if so, does it apply to players also?

If i start to nobel a player with 20k points.
I send all nukes and trains at the same time but the land at different times on his villas.
Would the last nuke have worse moral if the villa is at say 3k or something?


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1. Yep, the target's moral is taken into consideration on arrival
Barbarians always have 100% moral, but once they are taken by a player they have the moral of the player.
So in your case, the moral you'd face would be the one of the player that took the village before you, and not 100% as it was when it was barbarian. Most of the scenarios you may encounter where things may change, what matters is how it is when your army arrives in the village (so also applies to players)

2. Yes.
What you do in this scenario is send all the fulls first, then send the trains. So could be sending full clears at 8:00:00 and the noble trains arriving after, with last noble hitting after all the full offs already hit so at like 8:00:01

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