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People that know me know that I am a man of few words, in RL and in TW. I have doubted about making this post or not, I didn’t want to bore people with memories or goodbyes, sure everyone has lots of good memories and friends to remember, but after 5 years of dedicating part of my life to TW and having decided to close this period of my life, I wanted to leave something to myself to remember what it meant to me and to share it with the rest, our TW community.

TW was at the beginning an internet game I heard about from another strategic online game, conquerclub, and soon it became another game that I liked a lot, the same way as I like chess.

But it had a difference with those. You were told that you should have a tribe. I still remember questioning if that was really necessary and after a month of playing it, when all the players around me were already in a tribe, I decided to test what was it about and joined one. That moment was for me, when my real TW odyssey began.
Soon I learned the importance of playing this game in teams, together we could accomplish higher goals, defeat stacked frontlines, survive ganging ops but for all that you needed to decide who to trust, and that trust could be built in years but destroyed in minutes.

But why give trust to anyone, if there was the possibility that they could hurt you in the future betraying you? Certainly it could happen and, in fact, it happened, but also that same trust put in another people let us know each other better, share battles in the fields, be there when the other one needed us, and at the end, let us build strong bonds of brothership and friendship, friendship that will transcend this game after this 16th.

And in this teamwork, each one can contribute in different ways, some are better defenders and other better attackers, some can be here less time and other almost live here, some are warriors and other leaders. And this last role is one that I got to play here. Leadership is not a privilege but a responsibility, a commitment to the people that trusts you, a job that need hours to be put in and sometimes it’s very hard to be a good warrior and good leader simultaneously because of the time. Usually, people close to you from outside TW tend to think in game addiction when someone stay here so much hours each day, but it is not always true. Sure you pass here time for the joy of beating someone on the fields, for the satisfaction of achieving a difficult personal or tribal goal, but also many times we are here to assist another tribemate or to solve diplomatic issues of the tribe, helping people that relies on you. Definitively it is still a challenge for the game designers, how to allow one to have the best performance without tying you to the computer so many hours each day, but that’s another theme.

One more thing about what I think of leadership, and to avoid unwanted discussions I emphasize that it’s my point of view which I have formed here, many things are expected from a leader: a sound strategy, a good diplomacy, a fair management of the tribe, a good example in the fields, a role model, etc. I disagree with all them. For me a leader is just one that makes people follow him. Period. Without him, a team wouldn’t be properly aligned with the common goal and therefore the teamwork wouldn’t be optimal.

Talking about goals, when I started this last world, W30, I had my personal goals to create a tribe that would end #1, to be a top 5 player and to be one of the 5 most aggressive players. Call it ego or self-confidence or dreaming. Whatever. Yes, I realized that I may give some concessions in those goals.
So, I created the tribe DECIDE, with some friends from W17 and I am very proud of it. It was very selective, we searched for skilled, active and trustworthy players and we formed a nice team, but because of that same selectivity we were small and our opponents around us outnumbered us. Although we fought very well against all odds, soon our size made realize to some of us that we should merge with another tribe or something like that. As no internal agreement was found, I took the decision to encourage each member to decide what it is better for each one and take its own road. Only 2 or 3 of us stayed and some months later, I disbanded DECIDE before coming to PHOENX. So first goal was gone. Did I fail?

Strictly speaking, I didn’t accomplish my goal, but I don’t feel like that was a failure because I know that I always gave my best, and that style of playing was what I encouraged in DECIDE, style very similar to what PHOENX has and where some of us ended, current tribe number 1. So my tribe ended number 1 and it was very similar to the tribe that I created at the beginning. Sometimes you need to adjust your goals according to the new circumstances, but the importance of the goals is that it gives you a guide, a compass that points you the road to follow. And in that, I never failed.

Also, one has to realize that goals are in the future and any attempt to control the future is just an illusion. For example, my best rank was 4th, but who would expect that friends that where in your territory turned to be enemies with no warning at all. After the splitting of DECIDE into BH and PHOENX and the end of the alliance PHOENX-BH, the last DECIDE people ended in the middle of the enemy. No hope at all. I lost the top 5, but under those new circumstances I put a new goal: Recover my account after losing two thirds of it. I lose more than 2,500 villages and recovered from that.

And one of the 5 most aggressive players? I am number 2 there, behind my last DECIDE tribemate. So goal accomplished!!!

For me, more important than achieving a goal is that it serves you as a guide and while you put the best of you on it, it is worthy although you may need to adjust your original goal.

I have talked a lot about what the tribal part of TW meant to me – trust, teamwork, leadership, sacrifice, comradeship, common goals – and about the war part I only want to end citing a quote that resumes it to me:

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
― G.K. Chesterton
Good luck and have fun :icon_wink:
Inflrc, the player, Luis, the friend.

PS: Wow, I never expected to write so much, and I even said I am a man of few words, thanks to those that continued reading until this.
PSS: Forwarded with love to my daughters.


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We all had goals Luis, yes some of mine changed, but the main one was to win with friends and we have done this against all the odds ?? maybe maybe not
Its been a pleasure Luis, try and live your life without this game as it strangles RL, I am afriad I will still be here
Look me up anytime :)


goals are what makes us human we try to achieve them an if in failure we don't get to them we have found other ways to push on to become something we never knew we were.I came with the thoughts of just staying a little while because the original Csiz needed a co an ended up staying till the end playing the account myself all because I found something about phoenx i hadn't thought possible to find again like I had with my old STACHE mates.

comrades, loyalty to each other and the joy of battle to fight all comers an enjoy doing so till your so tired that you swear your going to pass out from exhaustion that is what I found in phoenx again, the one thing that I hadn't found on any other world I had played since W6 so in this I found more then my goal I found friendship again among fellow players I arrived at the point where I could ask nothing more of my mates then what they have already given me.


Its weird how close you can become to someone on this game without ever actually meeting them, Friendship is what keeps me going, without them playing would not be as fun or as enjoyable.

Although i have never played alongside you, Best of luck to you mate, cant wait till i finish the world im on so i can also finally move on.

Tribal Wars will always be a part of me and will never be forgotten <3