My time to go.


It is with great sadness that I am leaving Tribalwars, I have nearly played this game for 3 years now, and my I have met some epic people along the way. I have lost interest in the game, and have just been logging in to keep my account active for about 6 months (maybe even longer) with occasional streaks of activity. Alot of the posters here on the forums dont know me very well, but this is to those that do read.

SupremeJunk - Man, you are the greatest mate I have met on here! Theres no chance of us losing contact, and I promise, I will be in Holland sometime this year! You need to renew your xbox live also d00d, cos neither of us have been on msn much. Your visit to me was epic, keep growing on tw, and rape some Or.D!

Onny123 - Steve, I known you since you basically started, I was on about 4 villages and you was about 4k points. Ever since we started talking we have been friends and have always kept talking on a regular basis. I moved to k4 to be close to you as your request :p, I asked KR many times for an invite to HIRE so I could be with you, but kept getting denied the invite. Fortunately HIRE was reformed and I finally got to be in a tribe with you, my awesome friend. You will reach top 5 at some point and hopefully rank 1 someday.

Concrete - Only known you since you joined HIRE, but man do you kick ass! Your contributions to HIRE are great, and HIRE are lucky to have you, keep doing what you're doing and kicking the Orders ass!

Telisha - Known you since the beggining of HIRE-S, we've had falling outs but we will always have a friendship. It wont be how it was before but atleast we got something.

Mick - You kick ass man, good luck in Uni, and dont party too hard :p, keep doing your thing to the Order!

Huw - Havent spoke to you properly in a long time, but hope all is well and hope you get back kicking ass soon.

Tom (TCM) - Although we have Alex as a mutual friend, we havent really spoke alot, not sure why but we only rarely talk on TW mail. Great playing with you though bud, and hope uni is going well!

Lunik - <3<3<3, you are one of the coolest guys I've met, you make me laugh so bad, and the things you say are epic. YOU ARE EPIC !

To all ex NinChi, Euro, HIRE-S, HIRE-SA, SPTS, BORED members, I will miss everyone of you and those that left before me I missed so bad, Getowned1, Howley, original Sergio, MissingMatt, Frog, Madis112, Wclark.Uk, SHADOW1993, yt1275, original hstreeter, Silvereclipes, original Saint100, and so many many many more.

MSN: - if you wanna keep in touch.

Capeche, astala vista, ciaow, adios, au revoir, goodbye TW xxx

the con man

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Ahh Taylor so sorry to see you go. Make sure to let Alex know your copying him and quitting. :p Pleasure playing this game with you. Good luck in life mate. :)


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Good bye my friend was a pleasure playing TW with you as well always had or fun against master109 all you needed to say is I'm hitting him an who wants in an you knew I was down for that as I knew if I started attacking him you would follow up,if you ever want to come back just let me know an you can play 30 with us since Paj is always looking for tough players to fight beside's us and you are one of them I can think of who would make even pajuno smile.



hi dude

sorry to see you leave this game i know we were on good terms before when we were in the same tribe, noticed some inactivity also and took a chance, sorry for it but it's a game.

Supremejunk could you add me on msn have a question to ask you, probably able to do in same language as you

ps know i'm not in the same tribe but this doesn't mean i dislike anyone:)^^:)