My TW Story


I've kinda always wanted to write one of these pretentious autobiographies so here I go. I'll start by saying that I've now been over 5 weeks clean of TribalWars, and while it's been a bit boring, I cannot return to this game. The DisplayOnly era of tribalwars has run it's course and I will secede into the oblivion; a forgotten relic of ancient times. It was from nothing that I rose to my legendary status, and it is to nothing I return. This is my story - A Royal Elite Story.

Yeah yeah I KNOW it's LONG! I divided into worlds so if youre interested in a certain world LOOK FOR THAT WORLD AND DONT BOTHER READING THE REST.


W65 - This was the first world where I wasn't a complete noob. I didn't really talk to anyone throughout the duration of the world. I wasn't comfortable talking to people online. Or maybe I just hadn't yet figured out how, which might sound silly to all of us who have been around for so long, but in 2010 or whenever this was, I had never talked to strangers online. Anyways, I somehow ended up in the tribe Looney, which was Wobble's academy tribe, or maybe they just merged together at end game, don't really remember. But sadly at around 2 million points, I got a bit stressed trying to manage my own account and quit. Missing out on what would have been my 1st world win.


W71 - Well with a world under my belt, I was ready to ravage W71 with all my newly learned skills from W65. I started a bit late and a tribe called Royal Elite was the prevalent tribe around my area. I applied to join and after an exchange of mails that felt like an interrogation, their duke Kuljani let me in. It did not take me long to figure out how things worked in RoyalE. You either contribute or you're rimmed in about a day. And I did not want to be rimmed so I followed every command no questions asked! The people in this tribe didn't speak English very well, which frankly I enjoyed. Like W65 I still wasn't comfortable talking to people. Saying "done" and making nobles claims on the forum was pretty much the extent of communication I had with my tribemates.

RoyalE ended up merging with W2V, the tribe that went on to win the world. But a few weeks later there was a dispute among leadership, and Royale unmerged out W2V. I, however, tried my damn hardest to stay in W2V. They were clearly going to win the world at this point and I wanted that world win!! Given that I followed every. single. one. of W2V's duke's (Urban Nudist) orders, and I lost LOADS of defense supporting original W2V players during my time there, I figured there would be no issue. But no, Urban Nudist kicked me out of W2V despite my unwavering loyalty to him and W2V.

Honestly, for the first time in TW, this broke me. I didn't understand how I was so easily discarded from W2V for a dispute my ex-leader had with the W2V leaders. It wasn't fair. It ate at me.

W2V ended up promising that they would allow RoyalE to place 2nd in the world. Afterall, RoyalElite and W2V had been through alot that worldl. Do you guys think they kept that promise? Yeah no, of course not. Now faced against a tribe like 5 times our size, we in RoyalE voted to delete. I however changed my mind and stayed around interested in seeing what being bombarded would be like. I never tried so hard in my life. It was fun and exhausting. What really killed me from this experience was the W2V members messaging me with sentiments that pretty much amounted to "you're a stupid RoyalE player who stupidly left W2V and this is what you get". They had already forgotten that it was Urban Nudist who kicked me from their tribe. They had forgotten all of my troops that died in their villages. I couldn't comprehend it. Hate flowed through my veins. Eventually the button on my mouse that opened new tabs broke, putting me out of my misery. I couldn't be arsed to right click, and then click open new tab. And with that my stay in W71 ended.


W77 - Beyond pissed about the events of the last world I played. I decided not to play with The Royal Elite guys again. Instead I opted to start under the alias GoldbergVariation. I actually got my Mom, sister, and Aunt to play with me at startup this world. And it worked better than I expected. Other than my mom threatening to kill my nobles if I didn't promise to help rack leaves, this start up strategy worked wonders. And funnily enough, I ended up with the KHAN tribe from W71. The last tribe that RoyalE and W2V defeated before they turned on each other.

But RoyalElite strong-armed this KHAN tribe into submission pretty early on, and a merge occurred and suddenly I was in RoyalElite once again! I guess it was fate. But then things got funny.

The KHAN guys had some hard feelings towards the RoyalE duke Kuljani from W71. They decided to let me in on their plans to betray Royal Elite. Now let me jsut say, I hate this stuff. At this point in time, I still don't even like talking to people let alone scheming with people. I let a few days go by before I decide that Kuljani doesn't deserve to betrayed. He was nothing but respectful to me in W71 even if our relationship was nothing more than a soldier taking orders from a leader. I still respected the guy. He never pretended to be my friend, which alot of people do in this game. I liked him even if I was still bitter about how W71 went down.

I tuned Kuljani in on the impending KHAN rebellion, and it was stifled out before it ever began.

RoyalE went on in W77 to conquer the entire southern half of the map. Rimming W2V twice in the process. lololololol.

It was actually during this period of W77 that I finally started talking people. RoyalE short of members, kept recruiting from tribes they were defeating. I think it was the recruitment from H0lly's POW tribe that I was finally introduced to the world of skype spamming. The Grapist, Cat, Jacki, Erndos, JOSH, Gayjan, so many others that I've probably forgotten all made an impact on the spammer that I would become.

But alas, the tribe in the northern half of the map, NAM recruited some RoyalElite backline members and defeated us. A third consecutive world where I was within arms reach of a world win.


W83 - For the first time in my TW career, I started in a premade, with my royale friends. We were called Anonymous this world.

At about 15 villages, a couple new recruits betrayed us and I took the hardest hit and I just didn't have it in me to play tribalwars after that. I quit.

Like 2 months later, I'm ready to play again. At this point in W83, its a 3 tribe standoff. Golden - Any - NAM.


I ended up joining the 07. Krieger account with 2 guys that would end up becoming some of the best friends I ever had, Sejn and Cat. Honestly this was the most fun I ever had playing. These two guys were a riot, and will be friends for life. But anyways, I join this account expecting a war with NAM but to my dismay, leadership is also telling us that we need to leave defense along the Golden border too. That literally left me aghast. The thought of ANY working with NAM made me sick to my stomach. And my stomach was sick for weeks. But finally the order came in.

We were to start preparing nobles on the NAM front. Hell. Yeah.


W88 - This world sucked for so many reasons. It was going to be my first world with my new beloved coplayers, Cat and Sejn. But almost immediately Cat and Sejn got in a quarrel with leadership. It resulted in Cat quitting tribalwars for good, and Sejn threatening to betray our tribe. At this point in time, I wasn't amazing friends with Sejn. In fact, he barely could speak English lol so I really didnt know him that well. I was able to convince Cat to give me control of the account, and I then booted Sejn off which I don't think Cat was very happy about.

Things only got worse from there. Real life hit me hard during this period. I retreated from tribalwars and did not treat my new co players very well despite their hard work on my account.

The world ended up in like a 3 vs 1, my tribe being the 1. I hit delete as soon as I could.



MEA starts beating the shit out of me immediately. Sejn and I make up and he rejoins the account to help me out. He does all the work, and I feel bad so I give him ownership of the account while I mope around being a useless sack of poop.



Sejn and I were pumped this world. We were going back to our roots, our tribe was named Royal Elite. We tried HARDDDD right from the getgo. Unfortunately our leaders ended up getting banned for sitting too many accounts, and sejn and I took control of the tribe.

For the first time in like 6 years of playing Tribalwars I was just willy nilly tossed into a duke position lol. It was a complete mess. Honestly just comically bad at times. But Sejn really pulled through during this time. He got guys working together. though unconventional and in a way that annoyed alot of guys, it really worked. And I played the role of babysitter trying to keep all the babies from crying too much, and it also worked... to at least some degree. An angel among men name CamV joined our account during that time. Let me just say dogs really are man's bestfriend. Anyways our plan was to merge into the NOOBS tribe but they kept pushing off the merge to the point where I began to feel a bit off-put. So RoyalE merged into SCREW. My account didn't last to the end. NOOBS did a hell of a job attacking me and I called it a night. Some ex-RoyalE guys went on to win the world, and for them I could not be happier.


I never really played a world seriously again. End.
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An angel among men name CamV joined our account during that time. Let me just say dogs really are man's bestfriend.

I don't know if I should feel loved or insulted by this... but I think its the former :D