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When I started W100 I promised myself it would be my last world. With my demise coming soon I'd like to follow a trend of a few players that are also quitting and post my tw story. You don't have to read, I just wanted to reminisce on my time in the game.

I'll divide it by world just like Goldie did.

This world was the first where I was properly in it. I started off as a massive noob on the rim in a tribe called Van. We were next to a tribe led by Faaark called Fart who were losing a war with @night. One of Fart's players Kripto666 left the tribe because they hugged all of K56 (my tribe and other tribes were NAPed). After a while of talking with Kripto I joined them while staying friendly with my original tribe. Eventually a few of the other players joined with me. Aaron, an old player who was an absolute gem was one of the few that joined with me.

The tribe we joined was called Yolo! It had about 10 players and we had an amazing time together. This was a great experience of the game and Greg did a great job as leader. He was my original TW mentor and really introduced me to this game and also served as a mentor figure for my IRL. At the time I was a shy anxious teen and this game gave me a place to go where I had a group who cared for me and people that I felt comfortable talking to about my issues. This sense of community provided by TW will be something I never forget and I will always cherish.

Eventually Greg went inactive and organized a merge with @night. I was so lucky to get into this tribe as an absolute noob. They were a top notch tribe led by notable figures Blckdrgn and Mintcream. We had an amazing time together as a tribe and they taught me what it is to be in a team. The players from this tribe have gone onto be some of the most notable names of TW in the last 2 years. I'm so lucky to have been part of this team. We beat Norse, the hyped premade, as they fell apart internally while we pushed on. It was the topic of discussion for years whether we would have won if they had not crumbled otherwise. I'm very confident this team was a winning group as they proved repeatedly afterwards!

I started this world on Eledhwen after I was asked by the player on the account to join. He had fought against me on W75 and shown himself to be a rock solid player. Together we dominated K46, creating a new tribe in the K after my co had us kicked for criticising the duke over not doing any preparation for a war.

On this world I had my first taste of leadership. As leader of Lust I learned so much about how to manage people. I was not the best at the position but I put in everything I had. I brought in Greg as co duke to help me lead as he had been my mentor previously and taught me the basics of leading in TW. We fought against Ctrl and Sabre, allying with Gents due to the political landscape of the world falling in such a way it was the clear move to make. Eventually we merged into Gents because Greg quit and I no longer wanted to duke after we were betrayed by 3 of our largest players - youwkan, LOOK and Lair of the Grinch. They barb nobled all world and refused to op but then got mad because too many people were barb nobling and not focusing on the enemy...

In Gents we were doing well given we had the world against us. One day Brad got injured at work, causing a concussion. After this, leadership of the tribe was erratic and everyone was directionless. The strong propaganda by Regime won me over. I reformed Lust and was invited to join SIN (who ended up winning). However, we did not want to leave the players in Lust behind so we refused and instead had our account internalled. This was a chaotic time and I would do things differently now, but it is all a learning experience!

A few months after I quit W80, Connor on Asura asked me to come play with them for the war against Regime. I was not too active, just providing extra help on the account as I was already on W83. He knew this and we had a good setup where I helped out when needed. He ended up taking a break from TW and we got oped by Regime while I was oped on W83. This happened because ROB, who was in Golden, told Regime when i was oped on w83 and timed the ops based on this. Amanda and Sara did an amazing job helping me while I was solo on Asura, which is the only reason the account survived in this period.

Eventually Connor did come back. Plans were made between Destiny and SIN that they would merge soon. Sara had promised Connor that they would not do this at the very beginning of the war and this became a continuing issue. I was all for a merge as I wanted to win the world already, it had been going for years by this point. Connor said he would leave if they merged and Sara took this as an open offer. Our account was kicked while Connor was asleep, I was not very active on W80 at the time so they expected they would roll over the account while he was away. Instead, Connor messaged me and I jumped on.

Thus began the most intense period of TW playing in my life. For a month after this, Josiah, Connor and I played around the clock. Josiah would do 40 hour shifts on the account. I would do 20 hour shifts. My whole life at this period was tribal wars (this went for months). We had clusters inside Destiny in 4 K's which were all being hit. Every player in Destiny had a frontline with us and in a lot of our clusters we had no academies or troops. We made as many nobles as we could in every village that we could. At this point we were losing 100 villages a day easily. I took a risk and hit Ogandam in k45. Initially we took 20-30 villages off him and all looked good. But then Destiny got the sit and started demolishing us with it. It was around this point that Destiny reached 69.4% dominance. However, in a stroke of luck that would change the world, they lost the Ogandam sit. We ate an 8 mill account in the core in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile Destiny was eating all of our other villages. So at this point it was a constant stream of us losing villages in other continents while gaining villages in K45.

After we ate Ogandam and made almost every village defensive, we had to start eating accounts around us. We removed about 5 accounts from K45 over the space of months. We were constantly being oped by Destiny, almost every day. We had 400 nobles inc at all times for months. Sometimes it would reach 1000 nobles when they oped us but every day was just more of the same grind. Eventually we got our account to top 5 again by demolishing Destiny villages in the core. Their activity dropped allowing us some headway. However, even when their activity dropped, everyone around us was still playing. We had removed every inactive player in our area so we were left only with Destiny's core group. Even when everyone else gave up there were players like Amanda nuking us and sending nobles.

While we slugged it out in the core, the northern part of Regime dominated Destiny. They gained massive areas under the leadership of Jake. He was one of the core players pushing Regime along. Eventually he quit, which began the demise of Regime.

Slowly activity dropped, I was still being hit as I had been for about 5 months straight by this point. I went away on holidays with my family as I had warned the tribe over a month before. Unfortunately we lost the majority of our K45 in this period. I left the account at 19 mill~ points and came back to it at about 9 mill. At this point I called it a day on W80.

This world was the pinnacle of my TW career. I never played so hard or got so invested. The people on this world were all amazing players. The politics of early-mid game were intense with so many plots going on at once. I would never recommend doing this though, I lost so much time of my life playing this stupid game. It shaped my view of the game, and inside me I knew I could never play even close to that level again.

I started W83 on Sinful Angel in Freak. I was one of the original members of the premade. It was led by Greg from W75 and W80.

We started on top of another premade (GOAT). We demolished them at startup and had them begging for mercy. Then Greg started talking to them and wanted to merge them in. I was steadfastly against this as I thought they would break the unity we have in the tribe. We had them on the brink and I wanted them finished. I believed strongly that their group would bring issues if merged in after a tenuous early relationship. Greg had already played them at the start of our war and I believed they would not forgive this.

They ended up being merged in. Greg had promised on the externals never to merge GOAT in. I pointed this out and was subsequently kicked by Baldur. Using this as an excuse, the GOAT group rallied to my aid and formed a new tribe. Because I was very tight with a lot of the tribe (I was an original member and I talked so much to every member of that tribe), they were able to have a few core members join them. I ended up rejoining Freak and negotiating to have the rest of the players join the new tribe, Vecan.

Vecan had a lot of issues. Connor (not to be confused with Vlad connor), disagreed with the betrayals performed by Almurph and Jake earlier in the world. He also thought that Al was not active enough so he should be in charge. I backed him on this decision, we had a tribe discussion and he ended up in charge. Things looked good at this period.

We went to war with NBD. We suffered initial losses to some inactive players and had a failed op within the first week. Jake and Almurph then jumped ships to NBD. I was really shocked by this as I had been on calls daily with Jake trying to solve issues and working together. We had been getting along well so it really upset me to have him betray me after all that.

After this I joined Google. It was a tribe with Cal and Chris on the Nebula account. I had recruited them to the Freak premade originally and we all got along very well. They had a plan to join Golden ever since Freak fell so I got added to these discussions. Unfortunately, my account was completely surrounded by Jake, Almurph and NBD. Therefore, the decision was made for me to join the Nebula account and have Sinful internalled. Around this time Jasper worked his magic and had NBD change sides. So we offered the accounts villages to NBD. They proceeded to do nothing for days while Nebula internalled my only safe areas. Sinful was left with unstacked villages (stacks from my south disappeared when I was nobled by Nebula) and NBD didn't take their share. The north villages were then taken by Blue (Jake and Almurph's new tribe they formed).

On Nebula I had an amazing time. We were constantly attacking and defending. It was warfare all the time with a great support group enabling me to slowly creep up K44. We destroyed Blue, Frozen, W2V. All of which were top 5 tribes in their time.

Nebula held rank 1 OD for a fair chunk of the world as Jake and I were constantly sending our nukes out at each other to catch troops at home and cat villages.

I had a great time on this world. We worked really hard to get the win and destroying NAM trolls was the highlight of the world. Oh yeah, Ben and I definitely took the Kekua/Sassylicious account back. I never logged onto the account, but Ben sure had a grudge against you guys. It was on our side to begin with so the actual original players of the account wanted us to have the villages. #Rekt

I started this world on the rim. I was next to a noob family tribe but joined a pretty cool tribe called UV. They eventually joined the family. Using this as an opportunity I reorganized the family into one. We moved all the best players into UV with the others merging to co play.

One tribe refused this as they had also been their own tribe to begin with. They were the same size as us initially. I set up a front with them and took them out one by one with a few others. We recruited some of their players at the very beginning of the war as they wanted to be included in the one new tribe we had made from the original family. The rest of the players were left to die.

A few of their players tried to sell out the rest and join us. I had one of my friends make them a tribe and told them I would recruit them. We then nobled out all the other players in their old tribe. We then disbanded their tribe and ate their accounts. It was ruthless, the idea was given to me by FamousInferno on W80. He had said that he thought when I recruited him (from our enemy) he thought that I might just hit him after he joined and his stacks were sent home. So thanks Seb, it was a great idea!

This world gave me my first taste as a duke from the early stages. I really loved the group we had in UV. We absolutely smashed it as a group. I'm sad that I had to quit but VCE exams are too important for me to continue playing TW when I know that I'll get hooked and fail them if I don't quit. Leading this tribe was one of my standout experiences of the game. Navigating all the world politics and keeping our tribe together was an amazing experience.

Had a great early world with Olvedn. We dominated and did so well together. Eventually things fell apart as Smart (our tribe) was hit by inactivity. Once we joined Vodka, it was all downhill for us.

This world did have its merits. I properly met Teyla and a few others here, who are excellent people!

I joined Al's premade. W83 was my last experience with him (where he betrayed me multiple times in a row) so I knew what I was getting into. Al quickly went inactive leading Chris, Jasper and I as leaders. I never intended to be in charge of running things in the tribe. After my last world I just wanted to run ops and focus on in game. I had no interest in messing with diplomacy or organizing people. I just wanted to focus on having my account grow and be useful to the tribe. We did this well with our group on the account. M8troopers was an absolute legend to play with.

Riot fell when Chris got high off his tits and allowed a group to join TQL. There was no plan to this, although they assured me there was. This was mere days after Chris had refused TQL's offers which would have kept our team together and given us control of the K.

After this the world has just been nobling on the rim. I did enjoy the change of pace but it's been disheartening being away from the thick of things.

That's my TW story. I've had a lot of really good times on this game. The people I've met here have influenced me so much and helped me grow over the last years. I'm glad to have played, but now I'm even more glad to be leaving :p

To those who I've talked with over the last years on skype. You've been great mates and I hope to catch up with you all every now and again on skype. Message me anytime and I'd love to have a chat!

I'll check in on skype every now and again. It's been such an experience to play this game, it got me through tough times and it sucked months of my life away. I don't know if anyone will care enough to read all of this, but I just wanted to think back on my times in this game and get it out on the page.

Final thoughts on TW?

10/10 would recommend.


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Had a great early world with Olvedn. We dominated and did so well together. Eventually things fell apart as Smart (our tribe) was hit by inactivity. Once we joined Vodka, it was all downhill for us.

This world did have its merits. I properly met Teyla and a few others here, who are excellent people!


its not like you folk don't know me, you are even copying MY TW STORY!
mention me? :p