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I think you may have missed the point flex... first any shots I took were never really directed at you. But with your response either you took them that way or your just immature. But hey, if the shoe fits right?

You did not offend me in the slightest. Annoyed me by saying boi or kid as if you have any clue. I never said winning is bad or that it was not a thought at some point. But like I said, it's not in the cards for my account, why not try and help the side I want to win?

Now if you really want to talk about it, when I was a kid participation trophies did not exist. We were raised different. Play competitively, put in effort, don't complain and don't give up. If you win, you win. If you lose you lose but at least you tried and had fun doing it.

Participation trophies came into play from a later generation, from kids whining and complaining and the parents not teaching them the actual life lessons that you should learn from organized sports.

Kinda like what I've seen from you on this forum.

And i wonder whose generation it was that introduced those 'participation trophies'. Cant blame the kids for the parents surely?


You had good point yesterday but then you ruined it today.

damn boomers
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I remember when I was a kid , I got a trophie , so it was before my time infact trophies started after world war 1 , these days it's devices kids can care a less about trophies all they want are devices and once they get them they a very well misbehaved .