To be frank, if I, or we wanted to backstab you, we'd have done it right after we took on Adrian and Jobson.

But we didn't.

[7/10/2012 4:13:50 AM] Hewhoshallnotbenamed: dude
[7/10/2012 4:13:52 AM] Hewhoshallnowbenamed: i noble nuners?
[7/10/2012 4:14:03 AM] Naji Osmat: dont
[7/10/2012 4:14:07 AM] Naji Osmat: hes a friend

Tbh, I kind of regret saying that, now.


In return for scouting you and jobson, an alliance/nap, something was agreed. Vendetta broke this by rimming one of my tribe members, therefore I had grounds to think I would be next, and with Xela (who to be fair appears to be a most honourable player) being in his tribe when vendetta and buttafly were in sleep mode she had to go. I had no option, otherwise be ganged by the three of them later. Then buttafly came outof sleep, he had to go, but was offline, like vendetta when he went. I was very lucky really, and took the opportunities as they came. I still maintain vendetta nobled my tribe, so that is grounds to attack his tribe. After asking Xela for alliance she said to ask vendetta and that is how it came about, and in return I did some scouting, partly out of fear of them bashing me to be honest, it was the lesser of two evils. THey were more a threat to me than adrian and jobson, at the time.

We let you live as you scouted for us, no one said anything about your tribe. Don't worry about choosing sides in future, I'll make the choice quite easy for you :)

Adrian D.

Don't worry about choosing sides in future, I'll make the choice quite easy for you :)

The only side he will be able to choose will be "the wrong side of the map" regardless which one of us will be closer to him :icon_redface:

The Communist.


I'm new to the .net speed , and i like to learn new things :D


teach me dude im a total nub :)

one my spears turned into chickens .


skype: d.isturbed

I have a couple years of experience of tribalwars, But im fairly new to speed. Im looking to get addicted to speed rounds, the ones i have played for like an hour were a blast.


skype: twistedfate27

Im new to speed, played a few hours of two rounds so far. tis really addicting
still tryna get better at it, id appreciate the extra help :)



i'm not applying to the enemies :p xd they are bad they allied with us and then started attacking us when wicca couldn't get above me in points so screw it :p

WaNNa Be sPeeD PlAyer

Your definition off an alliance is just them replying to your message.


Would like to join, I have played with fear, (jobson and, and wanna play speed again :)


in game name= MSE11 skype name= hotn-frosty
was mse11's co player but took a break came back on my computer after a while and long story
short he quit and i ended up with account. i quit for about 2 years and seemed to loose my lust at the game
so im looking to gain some of that back.



add me on skype and we will dominate this world.