Need a Teacher for No-hauls


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Greetings everyone ^_^

Okay a little history on me.
I've played RTS games before with decent success, RPG(Aion being my favourite) , Strategy (Age of Empires on Voobly/Gameranger) , FPS (avid Counterstrike fan!) ...

I started my first world on w62 and probably was the biggest newb at the time. For example I thought I needed four noblemen to conquer my 2nd village, and was deeply distressed when loyalty was at 3, cause I thought i had to make four more noblemen LOL.
I read a lot of guides, tips , tactics etc. I learnt about every unit's strength and weakness, village builds etc. I'll admit that more than the guides I learnt from the comments of the players debating about any new/ old strat being used :icon_wink:
Due to RL, its hard to play a hauls world, so no-hauls suited my lifestyle (i'm in University by the way) .

I started my real first world in w65. Since it was kinda my first "proper" world, I played defensive the whole time. Thanks to my tribemates, I'd learn a lot of things in-game like cross defence, tripwiring, prenobling etc.

I know about the basic things, like sniping and mass fakes though I havent really tried them much, cause I need a teacher to kinda show me how to do it flawlessly. I understand we need Opera browser to do those things(?)

Currently, I'm playing w71 with the same name as my forum name (I'm being honest here but I hope I dont see 1000 incomings now that you know I'm a new player) . This is my 2nd world only and I still have doubts and need to improve my game.
I'd be glad if anyone could be there to answer my queries and tell me where I'm going wrong ^.^

Since I wont be in the forums regularly (its confusing anyway, maybe cause I'm so new) you can message me in-game and I could clear my doubts !

Lastly, just wanted to say I'm beginning to really enjoy this game. Ofcourse every game has its ups and downs but as far as the game is concerned, I'm enjoying it (for now, touchwood).
Thanks for hearing me out ! :icon_biggrin:


I might not be able to devote time to teach you to play "flawlessly" (Since I can't play at that level myself :icon_wink:), but if you send a mail to Lonely Soldier in game, then my coplayer and I can answer specific questions you may have.

Good luck.