Need some advice


Ok, so I've never played a no archer world before. In all the other worlds I've ever played, it always had every troop type. MA, archers, etc.

So, my question is this. What are good village builds in worlds like these with no archers/MA, or for that matter no paladin weapons.

In regular worlds I generally have these defensive builds:

1:3:1 ratio spears/swords/archers, HC and cats usually
Archer and HC villages
Full cat villages with Althea's Bonfire Paladin

And many other variations.

Offense of course was the general axe, LC, ram, cat, and occasionally MA for villages with a high number of archers. (of course with varying ratios based on targets' defenses)

So how do you make up for a lack of what I consider to be good troop types on these worlds? I'm just interested in some typical defense builds on these worlds.

Sir B

P.S. No I am not a noob :)
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My typical build:


7k axes
3k LC
350 Rams
(icassionally I have some cat nukes, in which I drop 500 LC and add 250 cats)


These vary,

For a more frontline account:
7k spears
7k swords
500 scouts
500-750 HC (fast, good for sniping)

For less frontline villages:

10k spears
10k swords

This build is slower to build and slower to shift, but is somewhat stronger. Not by much though.