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We are an aggressive assertive tribe trying to further establish ourselves and accomplish our goals. Our members, Veterans of other worlds, have brought experience and help to our tribe. For those of us that are new or dont have as much experience as others, they have more potential that we notice. We are a Unique and striving family. We protect honor and value the investments of our continent, and we will insure their safety. If you mess with any of us, then you have some ~NeRV~ because we act out together as a family, united as one and you'll get the full taste of The NorthEast Revolutionaries!!!

"Dont mistake kindness for weakness.
It is a characteristic that everyone over looks."

We are recruiting in K38,K37,K35,and in K45

please pm me(stinkbait) or AlExAnDeRtHeGr8 for an invite.

thank you for your time


also if you read this and you see im online in here you can post here