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Hi everyone Pieter here,

We have decided it's time to merge all the different world chats to 1 big chat that has different sections for each world.
Hopefully this will encourage more people from joining the chat instead of having several chat groups open and will increase the activity in the chat and in-game since it will create a stronger bond with eachother.

Ofcourse we'll need moderators from each world to control/organize the different chat groups, so if you feel like being one be sure to contact me or any of the admins.

For those who don't know discord and are currently sticking with old-school skype:
Discord is pretty much skype2.0, way cleaner/faster/better in any way, just press the link down below and you'll be able to easily make an account and you'll be forwarded to the amazing tribalwars chatroom.

Permanent link: https://discord.gg/WzgBFa2

(be sure to send this link to your own discord channel(s) or friends for more fun)