New Game - Rising Generals.

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    Hey everyone,

    We’re proud to introduce our latest game to you – Rising Generals. This strategic MMO is set in modern warfare, and will soon be released as a cross-platform game for iOS and Android devices, as well as browsers. You command a military base in the middle of nowhere, and are tasked with upgrading its defenses and staffing it with troops in order to successfully fight hostile neighbors. Researchable technologies, as well as officers and generals provide helpful bonuses and perks. Rising Generals aims at triggering instant action and gives each battle a unique feeling, with real-time 3D animations and more than 20 units at your disposal. You can already pre-register at, and the beta will start very soon!

    Fast-paced sessions are at the heart of Rising Generals. The immediate gameplay allows for action-heavy battles with and against other players.

    • PvP battles: Game worlds hold up to 40,000 players – and everyone could become your most trusted ally or your archenemy. Unleash the game’s full arsenal onto everyone that challenges your supremacy.
    • Recruit your soldiers: Pick your deadliest combination from numerous combat vehicles, battle tanks, artillery, helicopters, or airplanes and defeat your foes in massive battles. 3D-animations in real-time impressively display your efforts on the battlefield.
    • Form a Battle Group: If you want to survive in the game world and grow to be a Rising General, you will need the help of allies. Share intel and support each other with units, and you might become the most powerful Battle Group there ever was.
    • Research Technologies: As you upgrade your base, you will gain access to lots of new tech: More units, more officers, more ways to crush your enemies. Recruit officers and spies to infiltrate enemies and prepare your troops for battle.
    • Cross-platform: Use one account, one login, and play from whichever device you choose – either in the browser or on dedicated iOS and Android apps. Play together with and against users from all three platforms.
    • State-of the Art Graphics: The game is optimized for all playable platforms, including smartphones and tablets. With seamless zoom on the map and battles animated in real-time, the 3D effects come to life on all devices.

    Don't hesitate to share your feedback in our discussion thread.

    Your Tribal Wars Team