New Mod!


So new mod time! Lots of people know me from posting a lot so everyone knows I enjoy the externals here plenty. I'll be keeping an eye on everyone, and handing out infractions/warnings just as any other mod would do. So just watch what you're posting, and everyone can have a great time here!

Question: Is the use of the word "shit" allowed?

[Spoil]Answer: The use of the word "shit" does not count as profanity in itself, and thus is allowed. The word is, however, not allowed to be used to insult other players outside of a game-related context.
Allowed: That's bullshit.
Allowed: You're a shit player.
Not Allowed: You're shit. [/Spoil]

Question: Is "crap" allowed?

[spoil]Answer: Same as "shit". It's allowed on its own, but not when used to insult another player. [/spoil]

Question: What about "asshole"?

[spoil]Answer: This depends on the mod. Some mods allow this, similar to "shit". I do not, so don't use it in this forum![/spoil]

Question: And does the same apply for "bitch" and "bastard"?

[spoil]Answer: These are allowed in a manner similar to 'shit'. Acceptable if used on their own, but not if used as an insult.[/spoil]

Question: Is the f-word allowed at all?

[spoil]Answer: The f-word is not allowed, even if quoted, used in an acronym, shown in an image, starred out, or otherwise obscured. If it is understandable you are using the f-word, you will get in trouble for it.
Allowed: Nothing.
Not Allowed: Wtf, lmfao, milf, f'ing, feck, fubar, frick, and anything else that is clearly meant to be read as the f-word.[/spoil]

Question: What are the rules for posting pictures?

[spoil]Answer: Pictures are not allowed to be larger than 640x480 pixels, unless posted in a spoiler. If you're unsure how big a picture is, you should check the image properties by right-clicking it and looking for the size. If that doesn't work, better safe than sorry, and you should post it in a spoiler . Also, any profanity rules and other rules still apply when posting pictures.[/spoil]

Question: What are the signature rules?

[spoil]Answer: Signatures must be smaller than or equal to 700x80 pixels in size, when not spoilered. This is much shorter than most forums allow, so be careful! If placed in a spoiler, one can make the signatures equal to or smaller than 700x300 pixels in size. If you're not sure how big a signature is, you can always ask a mod, or do the math using the formula on the Rules Page. All rules for posting pictures apply to signatures.

Also, please refrain from using any animated images in your signatures. They are not allowed. That includes animated emoticons[/spoil]

Question: What about extreme content in signatures/avatars/pictures?

[spoil]Answer: There won't be punishment for a picture that has the image of a weed plant in it unless it also has words/sentences in it that condone/glorify the use of it. If the image of the drug is alone, most of the time we will disregard it. If you're not sure about if a signature/avatar/post is legal, feel free to message any mod and we'll be happy to help.[/spoil]

If you have ANY questions don't hesitate to ask. I'll be on here and skype every day, so should be pretty easy to find me.



What happens if we don't like the mod? Can we boot him and vote in a new one?


This is abuse of power. Let me point you back to a time when the forum was dead, a time when one man challenges the order. A time when shayhd challenge the natural order. The entire Tw community was gripped on his thread "Last Days of Me" and his battle of survival. That was until Scarlet Ash the despicable came in on a phoenix of fire rage, in her jealousy banned the thread. I for one was devastated and let Tw never to return. My voice was forever silenced, others left with me, seems Sex, Norse, Epzt all left the game with me. Cause lets face it, where are they now?

Maybe i'll come back now i have a mod that restores order to the people.


There once was a player called I cant say his name in the forums here? :lol:


Oh crap, what kind of shit did I start? Can you go and delete my post in the "Rumors" thread and then delete this and we can pretend none of this ever happened?


Awe bro, all the edits you could've made, and thats what you came up with?


Anything but that.

Personally I would've gone with "Mods? We don't need no stinking mods!"

Or just changed "Gondor" to "We", either way.


Why dont all the moderators take a break for a month to put the forums into anarchy? Now that would be heaps of fun :)


I don't think you'd want that kind of fun. Barely any of the forum would be tribal wars anymore.


You're better than DK, you at least let some fun happen ;)