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Hello everyone,

Some of you know me and Know I been around a long time with TW.
Some you know I use to setup IRCD,VPS and other stuff.

Well I deiced to setup a friendly,family Media Platform for everyone to enjoy. Its Kinda like Facebook and some the other sites out there.
Working on get the News about it out there to everyone. Thought I would let you all Know about it.
So come check it out see if you like it, and want to make it your new place to hang out.

Chummy Chat

My wife and I are running it. If it turns out to be a big hit we will look into growing it with more Staff members, Like any new thing. It all depends on how well it does.

Here a short Video of what The site looks like.
Video Of Chummy Chat

So Please help spreed the word about it if you like it, To your friends and Family.